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Tourism in Lusaka is famous, so what are you waiting for, book your cheap bus tickets from Johannesburg to Lusaka online now. Tourist attractions at Lusaka are varied. They range from shopping centers to historical monuments to Safari parks. Simply search, compare and book discounted deals on cheap bus from Johannesburg to Lusaka tickets online. 

Here are some of the best attractions of Lusaka:

Natural attractions

Lusaka is popular for its natural beauty. Botanical Garden, Lusaka Zoo, and Munda Wanga Environmental Park are most popular natural attractions. Munda Wanga Environmental Park is a big attraction. It is a hard housing environmental educational center, a Botanical Garden and a Wildlife park and Sanctuary. This place has over one-thousand plant species, and over forty species of wild animals. Terrace restaurant and bar, the park has 2 swimming pools, adventure fields and playground.

Cultural attractions

Cultural attractions at Lusaka are ample and contain, the Agricultural society show ground, the Moore Pottery Factory, the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in, the Lusaka Playhouse theater. The Lusaka Playhouse theater is very famous among visitors as well as locals. Other locations you may enjoy at Lusaka contain: Lusaka Central Sports Club and a Golf Club.

Cheap Bus Tickets from Johannesburg to Lusaka FAQs

What is the affordable way to get from Johannesburg to Lusaka?

The affordable way to get from Johannesburg to Lusaka by bus. Buses from Johannesburg to Lusaka fare costs $36 and takes 20h 30m.

Is there a direct bus Johannesburg to Lusaka?

Yes, there is a direct bus Johannesburg to Lusaka and arriving at Lusaka. Services depart once daily, and run every day. The journey takes about 20h 30m.

What is the distance of Johannesburg to Lusaka by bus?

The distance between Lusaka and Johannesburg is 1201km.

Where do I take the Johannesburg to Lusaka bus from?

Mazhandu Johannesburg to Lusaka bus, operated by shalom bus from Johannesburg to Lusaka.

Fly or bus from Johannesburg to Lusaka?

The top way to get from Johannesburg to Lusaka is not to fly which takes 5h 20m and costs $190 and $300. Alternatively, you can intercede bus fare from Johannesburg to lusaka costs $36 and 20h 30m.