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Kano, the second biggest Nigerian city by population, should be your next holiday for an adventure.

The northern city is rich in history and culture dating back centuries. Many of the structures built 1000s of years ago still stand today. Here are some of the best attractions of Kano.

Kano walls
In the 14th century, to offer protection against marauders and external aggression, the Kano walls were built. The amazing structure stands at a staggering fifty feet.

Dala Hill
This is where the initial inhabitants of Kano settled upon arrival 1000s of years ago. In the seventeen century, the hill was the place of a community that engaged in iron-working.

At 1,753 feet high, the hill is a famous visitor attraction.

Rock Castle/Tigram dam
This where you can find boating and fishing activities. Rock Castel Hotel, built to host Queen Elizabeth and her entourage during her visit to country in 1960, can be found at the far end of the dam.

Kurmi market
The Kurmi market is oldest public market in northern Nigeria and famous for traditional wares such as calabashes, carvings, brassworks, ancient jewelries, pottery and leather products.

Baturiya wetland game reserve
The game reserve is a sanctuary for a range of birds like the knob-billed goose, pelican, grey hornbill, yellow-billed stork, and many others.

Bus Tickets from Lagos, Nigeria to Kano FAQs

What is the travel distance of Lagos to Kano?

The travel distance of Lagos and Kano is 834 km.

Can I drive from Kano to Lagos?

Yes, the bus from Lagos, Nigeria to Kano distance is 983 km. It takes about 13h 18m to drive from Lagos to Kano.

What is the Lagos, Nigeria to Kano bus time?

The buses from Lagos, Nigeria to Kano leaves every two hours.

What is the famous bus Lagos, Nigeria to Kano cheap services?

You can easily go Lagos, Nigeria to Kano by bus, operated by Lagos, Nigeria to Kano bus transportation.

What is the affordable way to get from Lagos to Kano?

The affordable way to get from Lagos to Kano is by bus which costs $90 - $120 and takes 10h.