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Durban is known as the playground of South Africa because it is a dynamic city with a lot of eclectic culture in terms of sightseeing, food and local festivals. It is also a very cosmopolitan city. There are several spots arenas and all the big sporting events in South Africa are hosted in this charming and dynamic city.

There are several things to do here and kids will love spending time in Durban. There are locations like casinos, Marine World, flea markets and malls that are powerful attractions for visitors. People from the England and America or France will not find it extremely different here but they can be assured that all locations have modern amenities.

The true way to explore Durban is by taking the train ride to visit the museum and City Hall. Durban, being a cosmopolitan city, has all types of people from various religious backgrounds. The wonderful Jumma Masjid and the Victoria Church are also sightseeing warm spots. The most wonderful attraction of Durban is the seashore it is known as the Golden Mile.

Bus Tickets from Pretoria to Durban FAQs

What is the affordable way to get from Pretoria to Durban?

The affordable way to get from Pretoria to Durban by bus which costs $12 - $40 and takes eight hours.

Is there a direct buses from Pretoria to Durban?

Yes, there is a direct bus from Pretoria to Durban and arriving at Durban. Service depart hourly and operate every day. The trip takes about eight hours.

What is the distance between Pretoria to Durban?

The distance of buses to Pretoria from Durban is 536km.

Where do I take the Pretoria to Durban bus from?

Bus services Pretoria to Durban, operated by Eldo Coaches.

Bus or train from Pretoria to Durban?

The excellent way to get from Pretoria to Durban is to bus which takes eight hours and bus from Pretoria to Durban fare is $12 - $40. Alternatively, you can get train, which costs $90 - $100, and takes 16hm 10m.