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Search, compare and book discounted cheap bus tickets in Angola online now. The Angola bus network serve most parts of the city, leaving from several key points around the center. There is also a private bus company TURA, offering bus ticket booking Angola, working routes in Luanda, forty lines are presently operating from 5:30 a.m. Go ahead, and grab amazing offers on intercity online bus ticket booking Angola at Tiketi.com. 

Luanda Bus Transportation

The only means of public transportation is on buses, which are operated by the Transporte Colectivo Urbano de Luanda. This is a state owned firm that runs forty bus lines within the Luanda city as well as over-country bus lines to other cities within the country. The system presently around three-hundred buses but will expand to four-hundred buses soon. This company also offer online bus ticket booking Angola at Tiketi.com. 

The most famous means of transportation is in minibus taxis known as Candonguerios. These buses are distinctly painted white and blue and are famous with local population. There are also taxi services in the city.

Intercity online bus booking in Angola

There are some bus private firms which provides services as SGO and MACOM being the largest ones. Those firms provide a big range of services dealing with places one wants to travel, mainly inter-provincial courses and offer online bus booking Angola at Tiketi.com. There are lines that link most of the big cities of the country, from the coast to the interior.

Luanda to Benguela by bus tickets in Angola 

One of the supportive long bus route is 700-kilometers from Luanda to Benguela, taking around twelve hours. Three firms provide services between the 2 cities. Macon is apparently the best and largest organized bus firm and goes now to most towns in Angola. Ango-Real is another huge bus firm. Ango-Real and Macon have their own bus terminals, and counters for bookings shuttle and bus tickets in Angola. Some eratic minibuses and buses, or shared taxis, play some other usually little routes, you might find them in a Parque dos mini Autocarros.


You can get around Luanda in cheapest bus services in Angola known as Candongueiros. There is a fleet of new buses that you can use to get around the city. You may also get around the city in personal vehicles or through car rental services. While the Angolan roads have undergone big renovation in recent years, the traffic is Luanda is very crowded. Parking can also be an issue in Luanda. This is a city that was planned for half a million people and now has some five million people or twenty-five percent of the Angolan population.

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