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As a local Kenya resident or while on your holiday in Kenya you may consider cheapest online bus ticket booking Kenya services. The country has a network of short and long distance bus tickets in Kenya lines. Speed is restricted to 80km/h, and the highways can be extremely dusty and bumpy, so be sure you pick a reputable and relax coach firm for the long journeys.

Traveling during the day is best to travelling at night due to the threat of road traffic accidents and carjackings. Local buses in town are run by private firms, such as Yellow and Green Citi Hoppa, which offer Kenya cheap bus tickets usually around $0.66.

They have regular Kenya bus booking services in and out of the Nairobi city suburbs or online bus booking Kenya platforms. They generally seat 20-35 passengers and are a cleaner and less hectic type of transport than matatus, while still plying many of the same routes.

Intercity bus routes

Buses can be board at any stop and bus tickets in Kenya purchased on board or online. Buses also regularly run between cities and towns. There are several bus firms with extensive inter-country networks.

Buses also run across borders in Tanzania, Uganda, and Ethiopia. Buses are an affordable way to travel the country.
Some private bus firms now provide private bus shutter services between Mombasa and Nairobi and Arusha and Nairobi as well as city airports.

Matatus and buses for budget travellers

For budget travelers in Kenya, buses are your top friend. There are 2 types of buses in Kenya:

Big buses that routes between big cities, to Uganda, and Tanzania (e.g. the route between Nairobi and Kampala).

Local minibuses known as matatus. Those will get you to most little destinations (Nakuru and Nairobi).

The big bus lines and pretty perfect, book shuttle & bus tickets in Kenya, air-conditioned buses like those you would find anywhere else in the planet. For these routes, it is top to make online bus ticket booking Kenya in advance, and they will leave pretty much leave on time. Just try to sit nearer to the front if you would favor not to bounce up in the air every time bus rolls over a bump.

For little rides, you will have to take a 14 to 16 seater matatu, or a six to seven seater shuttle. For matatus, ask any local where the central bus terminal is. In Nairobi, you will want to go to the River Road region. Just note these areas are top-theft areas, so keep your valuables on you and stay alert.

Online bus booking Kenya price

Kenyan buses are quite economical, Kenya bus ticket bookings at around KSh150 for an hour-long journey between towns, while fares between Mombasa and Nairobi starts at KSh600 for the standard journey and can go as high as KSH2000 for best services.

Kenya bus ticket bookings stations and online bus ticket booking Kenya confirmed bus reservation

Most bus firms have offices or agents and at vital stops along their routes and online bus ticket booking Kenya partner, where you can book a seat. For little trips towns, reservations are not usually necessary, but for famous longer routes, particularly Nairobi-Mombasa and Nairobi-Kisumu, buying your ticket at least a day in advance is highly advised.

Kenya bus booking safety

There are a few security considerations to keep in mind about when taking a bus in Kenya. Some routes, most notably the roads from Isiolo to Marsabit and Malindi to Lamu, have been prone to attacts by shifas in the past, check things out locally before you buy shuttle and bus tickets in Kenya. Another possible danger is drugged drink and food: it is best to politely refuse and any offers of snacks or drinks from strangers.

The main national bus operators in bus tickets in Kenya

• Dreamline Executive Nairobi, Malindi and Mombasa.

• Busways Western Kenya and coast

• Coastline Safaris southern and western Kenya, Mombasa

• Easy coach rift valley and western Kenya

• Modern Coast Express Nairobi, Malindi, Mombasa, and western Kenya.