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Kampala City has different attractions, many are historical, such as Kasubi tombs burial place for Kings of Buganda known as Kabaka. Big thatched house in form of a hut remarkable in very old architecture, could be matched with Egyptian pyramid.

Kabaka palace
Kabaka palace is one of them most oldest Africa kingdoms which has been established for many centuries.

Jinja is placed just 54 miles east of Kampala. It is the source of the river Nile and provides some of the most amazing activities such as jet cruising, horse riding, horse riding and white water rafting. Be sure to visit the Ishasha plains to view one of the 2 places in the planet where it is possible to view climbing lions.

Shopping malls
Many special modern shopping Malls have been set up as such as Garden City Mall, Kasumba Square Mall, Quality Mall, Lugoogo Mall, Nakumatt Oasis, etc. placed in extremely conductive environment surrounded with best atmosphere unlike Malls in down town Kampala which are  affected by pollution, traffic and congestion.

Lake Victoria
Kampala city has more than twenty hills, placed close to Lake Victoria and has best natural atmosphere. People are hot, calm and friendly. Drinking joints are in every corner.
Kampala has been honored for holding the common wealth games of 2006 the city is generally known as a peaceful due to successful measures in place of terror alert in accordance to international laws.

Cheap Flights from Dar es Salaam to Kampala FAQs

How long does the cheap flights from Dar Es Salaam to Kampala?

When flying direct, expect to fly for approximately two hours. The travel distance is about 671 kilometers.

How many  cheapest flights Dar Es Salaam to Kampala depart on average per day?

Per day, two flights depart from Dar es Salaam to Kampala on average.

• Morning - fifty percent of flight departures

• Afternoon - fifty percent of flight departures

How long is the Dar es Salaam to Kampala flight?

The average Dar Es Salaam to Kampala flight time is an hour and fifty minutes.

How common are Dar Es Salaam to Kampala direct flights?

There are seven direct flights from Dar es Salaam to Kampala.

What are the most famous Dar es Salaam airlines for Dar Es Salaam to Kampala flights?

Utair Express offers hundred percent of the non-stop flights between Kamala and Dar es Salaam.