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One of the biggest cities in Africa, Cairo is the amazing capital of Egypt, and as with many famous backpacking places, there is so much to view and do that some attractions can be overlooked.

Pyramids of Giza
The great pyramid of Khufu in Cairo one of the wonderful 7 Wonders of the Ancient world and is both visually and historically remarkable. Alongside Khufu, the pyramids of Giza place is house to Khafre and Menkaura pyramids and the popular sphinx statue. 

Sultan Hassan Mosque
This wonderful example of the 12th century Arabic design is remarkably well-preserved. The big seventy meter facade has a fast humbling effect on visitors and the intricately detailed interior is just as remarkable. But the mosque is not just special for its beauty, but also history, actually commissioned by Sultan Hassan in 1356, it could only be done by making use of funds recovered from Victims of Black Death.

Coptic Cairo
Hidden among the hubbub of the city dynamic marketplaces and roads is Coptic Cairo, part of the Old Town which encompasses many important cultural and historical attractions.
This part of the city played an important role in the expansion of Christianity all through Egypt and is house to the Babylon Fortress and Hanging Church among others.

Cheap flights from Hurghada to Cairo FAQs

How far is Cairo from Hurghada?

The Cairo flights from Hurghada distance is 400 kilometers.

How long is the from Hurghada to Cairo flight?

The average Hurghada to Cairo flight time is an hour and four minutes.

How common are Hurghada to Cairo direct flights?

There are thirty-seven direct flights from Hurghada to Cairo.

What are the most famous Hurghada airlines for direct flights from Hurghada to Egypt?

Egyptair offers seventy-eight percent of the non-stop Hurghada to Cairo flights.

What is the best time to book Hurghada to Cairo flights?

Usually the best time to book Hurghada to Cairo is 2 months in advance. And the most affordable days are Saturdays, Wednesdays, and Tuesdays. Sunday is the most costly.

How many airlines fly from Hurghada to Cairo?

There are three airlines who fly from Hurghada to Cairo.

Cheap flights from Hurghada to Cairo tips

• Hurghada is 251 miles from Cairo.

• There are fourteen weekly cheapest flights Hurghada to Cairo.

• Ten non-stop flights are operating from Hurghada to Cairo

• Egypt air has the most non-stop flights between Cairo and Hurghada.

• Frankfurt, Germany - Frankfurt International Airport is the most famous link for one stop flights between Cairo and Hurghada.