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Find cheap flights from Windhoek to Johannesburg and save money on airline tickets. Johannesburg has the biggest population of any city in Africa, and has a colorful past as well as an amazing present. Today, visitors can go on trips of the Old Fort Prison, which has been preserved as a visitor attraction. The area where it is placed is known as Constitution Hill,  and was named after the Constitutional Court which shares the property with the Old Fort Prison.

The Johannesburg Zoo is another worthwhile visitors attractions.  It is house to more than 2050 animals, and one of its special offerings is its night safaris, which permit visitors to explore the zoo by moonlight and view the zoos many nocturnal animals.

Johannesburg also has a dynamic nightlife and a big amount of musical and cultural fun. The city plays host to a famous annual Jazz festival, Lake Jazz, which takes place in early September and which specs a number of famous local and international jazz artists.

Another valuable activity for visitors is to visit Soweto, a dynamic metropolitan township on the outskirts of Johannesburg. Soweto played an important part in South Africa history and has a number of historically important sites. So, book your cheap flights from Windhoek to Johannesburg now and visit these attractions.

Cheap flights from Windhoek to Johannesburg FAQs

How far is Johannesburg from Windhoek?

The distance cheapest flights Windhoek to Johannesburg is 1,163 kilometers.

How long is Windhoek to Johannesburg flight?

The average Windhoek to Johannesburg flight time is an hour and forty-five minutes.

How common are cheap flights from Windhoek to Johannesburg?

There are forty-two direct flights from Windhoek to Johannesburg.

What are the most famous Windhoek airlines for a direct flight from Windhoek to Johannesburg?

Air Namibia offers fifty-percent of the non-stop flights between Johannesburg and Windhoek.

How many flights depart from Windhoek to Johannesburg on average per day?

On average 32 Windhoek to Johannesburg flights per day.

Morning - 44 percent of flight departures
Afternoon - 38 percent of flight departures
Afternoon - 38 percent of flight departures

What is the best time to book a airline ticket from Windhoek to Johannesburg?

Generally the top time to book cheap flights from Windhoek to Johannesburg is 2 months in advance. And the affordable days to fly are Wednesday, Tuesday, and Saturdays. Sunday is the most costly.

What are the stopover choices on Windhoek to Johannesburg flights direct?

From Comair, Air Namibia, and Windhoek flights are accessible to Johannesburg with a single stop. Layovers airports contain Cape Town International Airport, Lubango Airport, Luanda Quatro de Fevereiro international Airport. Visitors have the choice of flights one or 2 steps total.