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Algeria is the biggest country in Africa and is home to several amazing activities and attractions. The capital city of Algiers has a rich past and UNESCO World Heritage places of the countryside at Tipasa, Djemila, and Timgad are amazing to view. Here are some of the best attractions of Algeria:


Algiers is a city dating back to Roman and Phoenician times. In the city of Algiers there are many museums to view: The Museum of Art, the National Museum of Islamic Art and Antiquities and National Museum of Fine Arts of Algiers.

Other famous tourist attractions are the Court and the Casbah of the Great Mosque in Algiers.


The Romans played a big part in building up the city. The place is such that it provides you a feel of fairy tale. To visit the most charming buildings, you need to cross the bridge. The bridge is across a vast canyon. History plays a big role in the appeal of Constantine.

The Ruins of Timgad

Famous Roman city in north Algeria that is one of the UNESCO World Heritage places. The difference of this location is Timgad was a primarily an army base in Algeria. It was established in 1st century AD during rule of emperor Trajan. Now the arch of Trajan is one of the amazing ruins of the place. Besides there are ruins like theater, residences, library, baths, and churches from later times.

Tipasa Archeological Park

Another UNESCO World Heritage place in Algeria that is famous archeological park because it contains different types of ruins from Roman. Historians say that Tapas is a place where multiple cultures covered in very old time. It was a port before Roman rule. The ruins here can be dated back from second century BC to sixth century AD.

The Ruins of Djemila

These ruins of  Roman City is placed in north of Algeria. The location was established in between 96 to 98 AD during the rule of Nerva emperor in Rome. The city was occupied till 6 century AD. It was amazing Roman city at that time.

Cheap flights to Algeria FAQs

When is the excellent time to visit Algeria?

Expect for coastal regions, where the cities of Oron and Algiers, the rest of the country experiences a warm desert climate. The excellent time to cheap flights to Algeria is from October to March. If you plan to go on a desert safari trip in the Sahara, just plan during the milder periods, i.e. March to April and September to November. Ensure that you book your cheap flights to Algeria and hotel early as prices skyrocket once the peak-season begins.

Which day is cheap to fly to Algeria?

At the moment, Monday is the most perfect day to take a cheap flights to Algeria. Thursday is likely to be the most costly.

What time of day is cheap to fly?

Flights to Algeria in the morning are generally the cheap time of the day to fly to Algeria. Algeria flights in the afternoon are generally the most expensive.

When is the excellent time to book cheap flights to Algeria?

To make sure you get the cheap price possible for flight to Algeria cheap, you should look to book at least 18 days in advance of your scheduled travel date. The Algeria tickets price may increase if you delay and leave booking until a week or so before departure.

What are the big international Airports in Algeria?

Houari Boumediene Airport
Generally dubbed as Algiers International Airport, this airport facility service the Algeria capita, Algiers. The airport is just sixteen kilometers away from centre city Algiers. Its IATA code is ALG. 

Robah Bitat Airport
The Rabah Bitat Airport is the big international airport serving the Annaba area, having the IATA code AAE. It is conveniently placed at a distance of nine kilometres from central Annaba. The airport has a latest terminal in addition to the old one.

Which are the famous airlines flying to Algeria?

• British Airways
• Lufthansa
• Air Algerie
• Air France

Getting around in 

The Houari Boumediane Airport is approximately twelve miles to the southeastern of the city. Taxis are not metered, so be sure to negotiate your price in advance; it should cost approximately DA600. There is also bus service that leaves every 30 minutes, costing DA25.

The Algiers Central Train Station is a focus for the national SNTF-train service, and links the city with most big centers in the country.

Algiers links to Ghardaia through the Trans-Sahara Highway, which links all the way to Lagos, Nigeria. The East-West highway links Algiers with Tlemcen, Oran, Constantine, and Blida.

The central bus terminal, La Gare Routiere, is placed just outside the downtown place in Hussein Dey, with reliable and cost-friendly bus service to most other Algerian cities.