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When you are traveling around Egypt, this city is probably the primary stop on your tour and it is difficult to figure out the top places to visit in Cairo. The megacity is loud, big and chaotic and can actually be overwhelming for some people.

Pyramids of Giza

11 miles southwest of Cairo on the Giza Plateau are Egypt most wonderful attraction: The Pyramid of Giza. Thousands of guests come each year to view 3 majestic 4,500 year old pyramids that were once regarded one of the 7 wonders of the planet. The Pyramids mark the tombs of 3 of Egypt pharaohs: Menkaure, Khafre and Khufu.

The Great Sphinx

While visiting the Pyramids of Gaza, visitors can also experience Egypt's other attraction, the Great Sphinx. The big stone monument that is half pharaoh and half lion measures sixty-six feet high and 234 feet long, is trusted to be the oldest monumental sculpture in the planet. The Sphinx sits between 2 temples, one from Egypt old Kingdom and the other for Egypt New Kingdom.

Al Azhar Park

Visitors who want some relaxation or a quiet place to unwind from sight-seeing can enjoy the meticulously manicured grounds of Al Azhar Park placed on the eastern part of Islamic Cairo. This park is Cairo biggest and specs numerous fountains, gardens, recreational areas, and restaurants.
The park also specs the Ayyubid Wall, constructed by Salah El-Din eight-thousand years ago. A little admittance fee will get access to the park and the Ayyubid Wall.

The Egyptian Museum

Right in the center of Cairo, lays the Egyptian Museum. This is the biggest and most famous history museum in Egypt. More than 100,000 artifacts from Egypt long past including jewelry, pottery, sarcophagi and definitely mummies. It is at the this museum students can view artifacts from the tomb of Egypt most famous pharaoh, Tutankhamun, including his popular golden funeral mask.

Cheap flights to Cairo FAQs

What is the affordable time of year to fly to Cairo?

The absolute cheap flights to Cairo time is from June to August, for clear reasons.  While a few do save up greatly by arriving at Cairo in these months, the flights to Cairo cheap in the summer proves to be more of a test than a holiday. Instead, we advise you to visit the early in November, when the temperatures are milder for an affordable Egyptian holiday. As the rest of the world is gearing up for the Christmas vacations planning to spend some time their home cities with friends and family, travelling in the opposite route to Cairo with your loved ones can keep you a pretty penny. Christmas is less traditional settings, with a hot sun and mysterious of Cairo to explore can be fun. Additional, the weather would be beyond serene. So, book flights to Cairo direct in November for cheap Cairo holiday.

Which airlines operate cheap flights to Cairo?

London is the big airport to fly out if you are looking for cheap flights to Cairo Egypt . There are many airlines that provide cheap Cairo tickets price from little regional airports, but you might have a link along the way. British Airways and EgyptAir are the 2 main airlines that will provide flights to Cairo, so it is excellent to match a few dates and view who provides the top value for money. British Airways offer drinks and snacks all of their flights to this is something you can enjoy and take advantage of during five-hours flight time.

What is the best time to visit Cairo?

The excellent time to Cairo flights is from November to April, during the chill months. As the reader might already have an idea, summers in Egypt can be pretty intense, especially if you plan to explore the city of Cairo during your tour. Coming to Cairo in the winter is the excellent idea because there are much more festivals celebrated during this time. Even the extreme temperatures during these days remain between 21 C and 27 C. With no rains or clouds or any dusty winds casting a shade over your holiday to Cairo. November to April months can be a best time to come to the city.

Getting around Cairo

A smart way to better your Cairo travel is to learn about public transportation. The Metro is operated by the Cairo Transport Authority, and is both efficient and affordable. Microbuses are also a best privately owned option.
Taxis are forever accessible and simply flagged down for ease. Meters are rarely used, so try to bargain before you hire a cab. Prices will arrange depending on the distance and time, and fares escalates during rush hours, so a pretty planning can go a long way. Finally, once you have booked your Egypt Air Cairo cheap flights it is value seeing if your hotel can provide transfers to and from the airport. That way you would not have to hesitate much about finding your way.