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Traveling through Cameroon is a voyage of discovery that will take you a trip of historical places which preserve its history, culture, and spaces that nurture its art. Here are the best attractions you cannot miss.

Waza National Park

Founded in 1934 as a hunting reserve, this Waza national park went on to become UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The park saves hyenas, elephants, lions, cheetahs, and many other animals in a place covered by Savanna and Sahel vegetation.

Limbe Wildlife Center

This conversation center rescues and rehabilitates parrots, gorillas, reptiles, baboons, and many other mammals from pet-traders and hunters. They run a big education program for the public and teach substitute forms of employment in order to deter hunting.

Lake Nyos

Lake Nyos is equipped with degassing tubs to stop the limnic eruption that asphyxiated over 1,700 people and 3,600 livestock in 1986. It is one of 3 such lakes in the planet.

Korup National Park

One of the richest primary forests in the planet has been made accessible to guests. Accommodation is accessible, and a suspension bridge leads into the park. It is a remarkable place to view wild birds and animals.

Mount Cameron

The highest dynamic volcano peak in West Africa, placed on the south-western part of Cameroon, Mt. Cameroon is one of the best trekking trails of adventure tourism. A 4 day long trek from the base at colonial town of Buea, which also has the history of being the primary post office in West Africa.


This is the capital city which holds political and historic references. In addition to the Mefou National Park, the National Museum of Yaounde reflects upon the culture and history of the country. Another private endeavour by the name of Blacktide Museum is an ethnographic museum for hte objective of preservation and protection of artistic heritage.

Cheap Flights to Cameroon FAQs

Which day is cheap to fly to Cameroon?

The cheap flights to Cameroon are generally found when departing on a Tuesday. The departure day with the top cost at present is Monday.

What time of day is cheap to fly?

At the moment, flights to Cameroon direct in the afternoon are likely to provide the top value for money for your Cameroon trip. A Cameroon flight in the morning will more often than not be of top cost.

When is the excellent time to fly to Cameroon?

Cheap flights to Cameroon in November is generally considered the best time to fly. Anyway, you will find other Cameroon flight deals are forever accessible year round. February views the temperatures in Cameroon peak to their hottest. August tends, on average to view the most amount of rainfall.

What is the excellent time to visit Cameroon?

The months between November and April are the best flights to Cameroon time. Since the country is just north of equator, the humidity in the coastal regions of Cameroon is not extremely pleasant in the rainy summer season. During the November to April, not only does Cameroon have open skies, but the temperature also stays hospitable. The average temperature during these 5 months also remain between 23C to 32 C. The humidity also comes down to an acceptable thirty percent, making your journey a relaxed one.

Even though Cameroon has one of the wettest cities on planet near its coastal regions, there is a rise in the number of visitors coming to the country in July, June and May. Most of these visitors are Cameroonians returning home for the school summer break, so cheap flights to Cameroon and hotel may charge a pretty extra during the summers. Foreign visitors favor coming to the country in November, which is also when the Cameroon tickets price spike.

What are the transportation options accessible to visitors within Cameroon?

Regular flights to Cameroon direct are operated between the big cities of Cameroon. It is very important to know that vehicles are driven on the right side. In the south, there are wonderful routes preferably enjoyed on rental vehicles with your loved ones. Railway network is also largely spread all around the country. It is suggestive not to book a ticket unless you have sufficient time as trains move at a languid speed. Most people favor communing through Camrail trains because they are very affordable. Additional, taxis are plentiful in all the big cities of Cameron. Settle the price before heading off to any place to reject any disagreement.

Agencies are accessible in big cities if you are interesting in renting a vehicle, but they are known to be quite expensive. From Yaounde, and other cities are accessible through road trips. Duala is only three hours away, but Ngaoundere is twelve hours away, Garoua is eighteen hours away, and a drive to Maroua will take you a full day.

With deserts, rainforests, beaches and wildlife parks, the West African country of Cameroon has much to provide visitors; adventurous visitors book flights to Cameroon to view some of the best that Nature has to offer in Africa.