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Holiday to Cape Verde are amazing and rewarding experiences, giving holidaymakers the chance to enjoy a range of different holiday types, from relaxing escapes soaking up the good looks of the coastline and the pampering nature of the hotel, to adventurous trips targeted on water sports and outdoor pursuits. Let's explore the top places to visit the Cape Verde!

Praia de Santa Maria – Sal

Sal Island, alongside Boa Vista, has the biggest part of the archipelago beach resorts. On the Island south coast, Santa Maria provides blue skies, golden sands, hot air, and turquoise sea, and sea temperatures, making for a relaxing, charming paradise. Enjoy diving and surfing in the clear waters,  as well as walking along the soft sand. Watch the fisherman bring in the catch of the day, and the ladies preparing and selling the fish.


Fogo, meaning fire, is the most well-known of all of the Cape Verde Islands with a highest altitude of 2,900 metres above sea level. The volcano Pico de Fogo is the big attraction here and can be climbed in around 6 hours, using the close by town Cha de Caldeiras as a beginning point. The biggest city on the Island is Sao Filipe which is the 4th biggest city in Cape Verde and also house to Islands airport.

Praia de Chaves

Boa Vista island provides 55km white sand-beaches and little coves, where you can view whales and turtles. Chaves is one of the most charming beaches. With a breeze blowing during the day, it is an inviting location for romantic and long walks by the sea, enjoying the wonderful views and sand dunes.

Blue Eye

Blue eye is another remarkable attraction on Sal Island. It is a natural pool with turquoise waters and underwater cave different metres deep, resulting from the waves crashing against the volcanic rock. Even though there are waling ways to reach Buracona, be sure to bring relax shoes. There is a shop and a cafe to enjoy a drink.

Cheap flights to Cape Verde FAQs

Which airlines operate cheap flights to Cape Verde?

British Airways, TAP Portugal, and Lufthansa are the big airlines that provides cheap flights to Cape Verde although you will need to safe your price in advance to reject overpaying. TAP Portugal is perhaps the leader of the pack in regards to flight dominance and frequency in the market for the route from the UK via British airways do provide Cape Verde tickets price with a link, changing to TAP Portugal for second half of the journey. Generally, you will be governed by your budget and then may be your own convenience through flights to Cape Verde direct are very impossible or uncommon to find.

When it excellent time to fly to Cape Verde?

Peak season
Cape Verde advantages from amazing beaches and wonderful hot weather for the top part of all-year. A lot of activities take place on the beautiful beaches that surround the island with the Praia de Santa Maria beach.  It can be amazingly crowded during the peak summer months of July to September. You will find cheap flights to Cape Verde Sal easier to come by if you visit either in spring months of May and April or the autumn months of November and October. The weather is generally extremely pleasant but crowds are fewer thanks to families opting not to visit during school terms. The Sao Vicente carnival at the end of February is generally packed with tourists and locals and can go on until the morning and partying and drinking through the night. Flights to Cape Verde get amazingly expensive surround the weeks leading up to the carnival through so ensure your flight Cape Verde tickets price are secured well in advance.

Off season
January is the affordable month to find Cape Verde flight deals although you will find Cape Verde flights during both autumn and spring as airlines decrease the cost of their flights due to many persons waiting for school vacations. If you want to visit Cape Verde booked 3 or 4 months in advance then you will give yourself an excellent chance of securing Cape Verde flights and hotel deals. Being flexible with your dates ultimately permits you to find the cheapest flights to Cape Verde and usually you will still manage to visit during the hot months of the year.

Getting around Cape Verde

Most visitors will have pre-booked their accommodation in Cape Verdes resorts and towns, so check whether your hotels offers a courtesy shuttle from the airport - must do. There are restricted public transport facilities on all the islands so you are powerfully advised to make arrangements before you travel,  such as pre-booking a minibus or taxi to your place. Car hire is accessible at Praia and Boa Vista airports, which is a remarkable way to view the sights freely during your stay.