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When people hear the word Egypt, many people think of the Sphinx, Pyramids, and the Nile. Anyway, with more than 7,000 years of special history, culture and heritage, there are many other wonderful attractions in Egypt to visit. Here are best attractions people visiting Egypt must see.

Pyramids of Giza

The 3 pyramids, which house the tombs of very old pharaohs, are one of 7 wonders of the ancient globe. Laced on the Giza Plateau, the pyramids are the just wonder to have remained intact over 1000 of years. The Great Pyramid, also called as the Pyramid of Khufu, is 138 miles high and is open to visitors via the Robbers Tunnel. The Pyramids of Giza is the Egypt jewel visitor attractions and one of the most famous sightseeing locations.

Valley Of Kings, Luxor

Placed on the East bank of river Nile, Luxor was the place of the very old city of Thebes and is one of the most famous Egypt visitor places. Hailed as the world's biggest open-air museum, Luxor is top famous for the Valley of Kings that houses rock-cut tombs of ancient pharaohs. Popular ancient kings such as Amenhotep and Tutankhamun were buried here. Although there are approximately 63 tombs that have been excavated, only a little number is open to visitors.


The Islamic Cairo area in the capital of Egypt is packed with monuments, medieval mosques and madrassas, and is one of the foremost Egypt visitors attractions. The Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan is a remarkable example and visible reminder of the Islamic heritage of this attractive city.


This is one of the most amazing Egypt holiday places like in the Southern part. In ancient Egypt, it was known as Swenette and housed the stone quarries that supplied material to build the popular pyramids. Anyway, Aswan is now famous for its wonderful views of the desert dunes and the Nile River. The Elephantine Islands are the best getaway for a relaxing weekend.

Cheap flights to Egypt FAQs

Which airlines operate cheap flights to Egypt?

There are a few different airlines that offer cheap flights to Egypt although the main ones are EgyptAir, British Airways, Thomas Cook and Monarch. Your budget will generally determine which airline you go with anyway they all have their own advantages and disadvantages. British Airways provide complimentary beverages and snacks onboard their flight to Egypt whilst Thomas Cook are a highly regarded airline with best standards of service and comfort. Once you have planned where in Egypt you will fly into you can begin to match the different airlines together to view who provides you the top value for money.

Which airline operate direct flight to Egypt?

British Airways and Egypt Airways are the airlines that operate flights to Egypt direct from the UK. Both airlines operate from London Heathrow Airport and land to Cairo International Airport. EgyptAir, the flag carrier of Egypt, operate two daily flights whereas British Airways operates Egypt London flights daily.

How long is the flight to Egypt?

The Cairo International Airport is the big airport serving Egypt. The quickest one-way flights from the lower east coast take around sixteen hours, while flights from New York take about eleven hours and fifty-four minutes. West Coast travelers from Los Angeles can guess an eighteen hours flight, and it takes around seventeen hours from Seattle.

When is the excellent time to fly to Egypt?

Peak season
Any time between October and May is famous a best time to travel to Egypt, due to chill weather. Since there is such a broad timeline, booking a cheap flights to Egypt should be simply accessible. When winds pick up a bit during March and April, visitors usually lay low, creating more room for the adventures who love a best wrestle with the gust. Accommodations will  often be completely booked and prices rise this time of year.

Off season
The warmest months of the year are the least famous and also when you will likely find the cheapest Egypt tickets price, anyway, it can be unbearably warm and  lot of visitors struggle to tolerate the heat. You will anyway discover bargain after bargain though if you visit somewhere close to the coast then you will get a cool breeze occasionally to chill you down slightly. Most visitors attractions are also a lot silent these months as visitors simply do not take the tour. Ramadan can also lead to cheap flights to Egypt and hotel anyway you will find most restaurants are closed for the full month and alcohol is very hard to find.

Getting around in Egypt

Public transportation is special in Egypt. Tuk-tuks are little scooters with seats which are perfect for fast ride. When traveling back and forth to the airport, minibuses and microbuses take passengers to the bus and train station. These rides are generally cramped, so it is best to plan ahead and provide yourself lots of time.