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Equatorial Guinea is gifted with places value a travelers visit. These locations include Malabo City, the country's capital, at the northern coast of Bioko Island on the rim of a sunken volcano. The Inland itself is famous to have more species of rare monkeys than any other location in Africa. Here are some of the best attractions of Equatorial Guinea.

Monte Alen National Park

Monte Alen is placed within 288 km from Malabo and it is saved area of tropical rainforests spanning covering 1,400 sq km. The park provides a big range of opportunities like; wildlife viewing, hiking, and trekking. The forests in the park are home to many species of animals like jungle trails. Gorillas, elephants, chimpanzees, and crocodiles.

Bioko Island

Bioko Island is one of the most charming and biologically-important locations in all of Africa placed within 40 km from Malabo and 33 km off the coast of Cameroo. It is house to Africa biggest concentration of endangered primates and to more than 50 special species of plants. During the dry season butterflies combine in the rainforest and endangered marine turtles come ashore to nest on the sand and black beaches.

Moka Valley

This remarkable valley has scenic and wonderful views which would make you feel so thrill and fresh. This charming tow of moca, blessed with a stunning valley and remarkable scenic views is just mesmerising. The cloud touching peaks of the mountains and deep valleys would just look sweet and marvellous during the lovable sunsets and sunrises.


Placed on Bioko Island, Malabo is the capital of Equatorial Guinea and also the biggest and relatively developed city as well. Malabo city has a top history and was founded first in 1827 by British who had leased the region from Spain in their efforts to colonize the city. 

Cheap Flights to Equatorial Guinea FAQs

Which day is cheap to fly to Equatorial Guinea?

At the moment, Tuesday is the most perfect day to take a flight to Equatorial Guinea. Sunday is likely to be most expensive.

What time of day is cheap to fly?

At the moments, flights to Equatorial Guinea direct are likely to provide the top value for money for your Equatorial Guinea trip. Flight in the morning is the best choice.

What is the name of popular airlines flying to Equatorial Guinea?

Some of the airlines offer cheap flights to Equatorial Guinea  are Air France, Ethiopian Airlines, Chicago Express, Royal Air France, and Lufthansa.

Excellent time to visit Equatorial Guinea

Must like its name advises, Equatorial Guinea experience a tropical climate with frequent and high temperature, heavy rainfall. There are slight regional differences - the island of Bioko and Annobon see chill temperature of around 25C due to sea attendance. The mainland usually experience high levels of heavy rainfall and humidity, with rainy season occurring between May and October. The perfect flights to Equatorial Guinea time is during the dry season from November to April, where minimal showers would not hinder your outdoor excursions and the golden beaches are a wonderful paradise. Book cheap flights to Equatorial Guinea and experience  the country's heritage and culture through its dynamic festivals held throughout the year. Some important events include SOMAGEC Music Day Festival, Armed Forces Day and the Malabo Hip Hop Festival, gathering performances from around Europe and Africa in a ten day workshop event. So, book your cheap flights to Equatorial Guinea to spend amazing time.

How to get to Equatorial Guinea

The main airport of Equatorial Guinea is Malabo International Airport, also famous as Saint Isabel Airport. It is placed at Punta Europa on the Bioko Island. The capital city of the country, Malabo, is placed about 9 kilometers to the east of the airport. The airport serves has a center for a Ceiba International Airlines, Gunea Ecutational Airlines, Cronos Airlies. Other airlines here are Air France, Air Annobon, Africa Connection STP, Royal Air, Ethiopian Airlines, and Westair Benin.

Santa Isabel Airport (Malabo, Equatorial Guinea)

•  Currently, 10 airlines operate of Santa Isabel Airport.
•  Santa Isabel Airport provides nonstop flights to eleven cities.
•  Every week, at least eighteen local flights and twenty-nine international flights depart from Santa Isabel Airport.
•  Every week, at least twenty local flights depart from Bata Airport.

The second biggest airport is Bata Airport, which is served by Ceiba International Airlines, Guinea Ecuatorial Airlines, Cronos Airlines, and Punto Azal, with flights to and from Libreville, Douala, Cotonou, Malabo.  Every week, at least twenty local flights depart from Bata Airport.

How to get around Equatorial Guinea

Bush taxis are the main type of transportation in Equatorial Guinea. It is a type of shared taxi linking Malabo with other big towns like Luba and Riabi. Bush taxis also run to Mongomo and Ebebiyin from Bata. They may be rented on a hourly or daily basis. 
Minibuses are a general form of public transportation in Equatorial Guinea.