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Eritrea until 1941 was an Italian colony. Before 1941, one could view the Egyptian and Turkish influences in the country. Eritrea is a historic blend of these different ethnicities and thus has a lot to provide in terms of architecture and culture. Not to mention that adventure seekers can have a ball at this location. It is a ranked fifth in the most attractive visitor place in Africa. Eritrea is border lined by the Red Sea in east and northeast.

National Museum Asmara

Asmara is the Eritrea national capital. It is one of the most famous places for museums and architecture. Ranging from paintings by the contemporary artists in famous city to artefacts from the excavations of Adulis and tombstone from the Dahlak Islands, must visit the Ge’ez museum to explore the culture and tradition. No doubt, this is a must visit for art and history lovers.

The Dahlak Marine National Park

The national park is placed on the Dahlak archipelago and essentially bordered by the Red Sea, which makes the location rich in flora and fauna. It houses exotic fish and stunning wildlife along with being a wonderful spot of bird nesting. The location is a must visit to explore nature in the real form. To travel to the Island of Dahlak, one can go for yachts plying from Massawa Islands. The location is also hit for scuba diving and water sports.

Dahlak Islands

Dahlak Islands, aptly an archipelago, hosts a number of locations which can be utilised for making a delightful holiday. Placed in the Red Sea, the Island is home to the most of the Eritrea population. The location is perfect for water sports and activities adding, scuba diving.

Red Sea

Eritrea is also famous as the secret jewel of Red Sea. The Red Sea with its perfect waters and abundance of fauna, and Eritrea spreading to 2,235, with 1,150 km of the mainland, is actually the charm of Red Sea. Being an untapped water body to explore, it is a paradise for snorkelling and scuba divers. Abundant in marine life, coral reefs and wrecks.

Cheap Flights to Eritrea FAQs

When is the excellent time to book cheap flights to Eritrea?

To make sure you get the cheap price possible for a flights to Eritrea direct, you should look at least 34 days in advance of your intended travel date. The price of your Eritrea flights may increase if you delay and leave booking until a week or before departure.

Which day is cheap to fly to Eritrea?

At the moment, Sunday is the most perfect day to take a cheap flights to Eritrea. Saturday is likely to be the most costly.

What time of day is cheap to fly?

Flights to Eritrea can be made affordable if you pick a flight at midday. Booking a Eritrea flights will likely mean top prices.

Which is the big international airport in Eritrea?

The key international airport in Eritrea is placed in the capital city, Asmara. It caters to all the outbound and inbound flights from all across the globe.

What is the excellent time to visit Eritrea?

The country can be divided into 2 climatic areas: the northern highlands and coastal plains. The coastal plains are more favorable when visited between November and February, due to the humidity and heat. The highlands and the mountains north are actually green and wonderful due to the heavy rains that the area gets. It gets a quite chiller there in the winters but from February to September, highlands of Eritrea seems like heaven.

Which airlines operate cheap flights to Eritrea?

•  Turkish Airlines
•  Egypt Air
•  Lufthansa
•  Alitalia

When is the excellent time to fly to Eritrea?

The top time to fly to Eritrea is during February, but great Eritrea flights and hotel deals can be found at other times. If weather is vital factor you when considering to fly to Eritrea, the hottest period tends to be June, with the wettest being January.

Getting around Eritrea

Car & motorcycle
Travel by private vehicle is the only officially permitted transportation method for international visitors to Eritrea, and no doubt very expense. But, you can hire a car, doing so needs an Eritrean driving license.

There is a broad bus network through Eritrea. Public buses are generally cheaper, quicker and more relax than private buses. Until mid-2017 international visitors were not allowed to use public transport at all, but it show now be possible to get permits to travel on buses to Massawa and Keren.

There are no scheduled boat services along Eritrea huge Red Sea coastline but if you can obtain travel permit - it should be easy to hire transport to the Dahlak Islands or for snorkelling trips along the coast.

There are currently no airlines operating local flights in Eritrea.