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With its remarkable scenery and rich wildlife, the Kingdom of Swaziland, aka, Eswatini is a nature lovers heaven.  One of the worlds few remaining monarchies, the little country, which is almost fully bordered by South Africa, has no lack of biking, hiking, and horseback-riding opportunities and its many national parks provide glimpses of everything from endangered black rhino to rare birds. Here are some of the best attractions of Eswatini are:

Hlane Royal National Park

Eswatini biggest protected place has a broad network of easily navigate roads making it perfect for a self-drive safari. Hippos, Zebras, Giraffes, white rhino, elephants, leopards and antelopes such as kudu, impala, waterbuck and wildebeest all reside in the park. Lions occupy a separate fenced region which can just be seen on a guided game drive.

Mkhaya Game Reserve

Home to rare species like Nguni breed of cattle and black rhino, as well as elephants, antelope, and a host of animals, this pretty private reserve in Southeastern Eswatini is also prominent for its many knobthorn, mkhaya, trees, which bear a type of fruits that Swazis use for brewing beer.


In the charming Ezulwini Valley, Lobamba is Swaziland cultural and spiritual heart. The laid-back town is home to Swaziland monarchy as well as its most vital buildings. Here, guests will find the Lobamba Royal Village with the Royal Kraal, the Parliament Building, the National Museum, and the administrative buildings.

Sibebe Rock

Placed just north of Mbabane, Eswatini most popular geological spec is a big granite dome rising out of the countryside. Fun seekers may scramble up the nearly 1,000 foot rock and neighboring boulders, the less adventurous may check out the Bushman paintings making the rocks at the summit.

Malolotja Nature Reserve

The country's least visitor park, in the northwestern highlands, is full of fun finds; ancient mountains streaked with waterfalls, nearly three-hundred species of birds, and the world's oldest mine.

Cheap Flights to Eswatini FAQs

Which airlines operate flights to Eswatini?

Airlines such as SA Express, South African Airways, and British Airways are the main choices when it comes to finding and booking a cheap flights to Eswatini? Bear in mind that some airlines, such as SAA might provide you amazing onboard comfort in the form of in-flight drinks and snacks, which may add even more worth to the Eswatini tickets price. Go ahead and match what offers are accessible from all of these airlines before settling down and making use of a particular carrier.

What time of day is cheap to fly?

To get the top value, try booking a fight at midday when visiting Eswatini. Generally the prices will increase for Eswatini flights in the morning as these tend to have higher demand.

Which day is cheap to fly to Eswatini?

The cheap day to fly to Eswatini is generally Friday. At the moment, Monday is the most costly.

When is the excellent time to book flights to Eswatini?

If you are looking at visiting Eswatini during the peak tourism season, go ahead and book your flights to Eswatini tickets as far along in advance as easy. You may find that by booking your flights during the months of August or July will provide you the top chance of landing cheap flights to Eswatini and hotel deals. Regardless of when you plan on visiting Swaziland, being flexible and matching flight deals on offer from different airlines remains your best bet for finding the flights to Eswatini direct.

What is the excellent time to fly to Eswatini?

Peak season
Eswatini peak tourism season falls in its cold months, which is between June and September. This is what a lot of visitors flock to the land-locked country between Mozambique and South Africa to be part of the celebrations of the Umhlanga Reed Dance Day. This festival takes place in August and is closely followed by Independence day. Be sure to book your cheap flights to Eswatini in advance if you are aiming at joining on the party.

Off season
Eswatini wettest time of the year falls between the months of September and May, which is also when the country's experience its hot months. Cheap flights to Eswatini can often be found during this time of the year since this is when the country views a drop in tourist activity. Bear in mind that IncWala Day, which is the Swazi New Year, falls in January or December, depending on the lunar cycle, and many well influences the airlines cheap flights to Eswatini during the off tourist season.

Getting around Eswatini

Flights to Eswatini are the just ways accessible to enter the country: if you are traveling to Swaziland from other points in Africa, possibilities are there are taxis and coaches that will transport you across the Mozambique and South African borders without any problem. In Mbabane, taxis are the most perfect mode of transport and the top way of getting to the city from the airport after your Eswatini, Swaziland flight lands.