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Ethiopia is a country that has a big range of tourist attractions and for this factor, tourism in Ethiopia has continued to grow recording right progress in tourist arrivals over the last few years. Ethiopia has special cultural heritage, remarkable landscapes, and hospitable people. Here are some of the best attractions of Ethiopia:

Simien Mountains National Park

The Simien Mountains national park is generally dubbed the Grand Canyon of Africa due to its undulating plateau and wonderful valleys. This UNESCO World Heritage place is home to a big variety of endangered species including the Walia ibex and Ethiopian wolf.

Fasil Ghebbi

Fasil Ghebbi is another big asset for tourism in Ethiopia. The fortress-city Fasil Ghebii was the residence of Ethiopian rulers during 16th and 17th century. The city contains monasteries, churches and special public and private buildings marked with Arab and Hindu influences.

Danakil Depression

Another wonderful attraction contributing to the growth of Ethiopia tourism is Danakil Depression, placed in the Afar area. It is one of the warmest locations on earth, recording temperatures of up to 120 Degrees Celsius. The Danakil Depression is covered by amazing expanses of yellow mounds of salt, sulfur, and mineral deposits.

The Holy City of Harar

Harar is a city in Northeast Ethiopia close to the border with Somalia and a remarkable seat of Islamic culture. Its walled city dubbed "Africa's Mecca," is house to more than hundred mosques and is also considered the "fourth holy city of Islam". Harar was build in the sixteen century to save the city against the religious invaders. 

Ethiopia is also a best center for adventure and safari  tourism. Just like its counterparts in East Africa, the country's parks a big contributor in the sector of tourism in Ethiopia. The country has different parks including Bale Mountains National Park, Awash National Park, Omo National Park among others that are perfect for this unique type of tourism.

Cheap flights to Ethiopia FAQs

Best time to fly to Ethiopia

Book cheap flights to Ethiopia just after the rainy season to view the land in all its lush greenness.

Peak season
Most visitors book Ethiopian flights between November and May to capitalize on the dry season and take benefit of the sunny skies.

Off-peak season
May through September is when the country views the most rain, but you are likely to find deals on Ethiopia flights and hotel during these months. Just pack your bags and pray for sunshine.

Which day is cheap to fly to Ethiopia?

At the moment, Monday is the best day to take a cheap flights to Ethiopia. Friday is likely to be the most costly.

What time of day is cheap to fly?

Ethiopian flights can be made affordable if you pick a flight at midday. Booking cheap flights to Ethiopia in the evening will likely mean top prices.

When is the excellent time to book flights to Ethiopia?

Booking thirty days in advance of your planned departure date is, on average, the top time to get cheap flights to Ethiopia. 

Airlines that operate flights to Ethiopia

• British Airways
• Ethiopian Airlines
• Turkish Airlines
• Lufthansa
• Egypt Air
• Saudi Airlines
• Kenya Airlines

Which airline is most favored for flights to Ethiopia?

Ethiopian Airlines is the flag carries of Ethiopia. The famous airline is wholly owned by the government. It is the just facilitator of direct flight from the UK to Ethiopia.

Cheap prices for Ethiopia flights by month

Currently the cheap month for Ethiopia flights cheap from London is May on average price €455. The most expensive month for flights to Ethiopia is July on average price €650. 

How to get around in Ethiopia

The road structure is varied as we move from one place to another. Yet the big cities of the Ethiopia manage the well developed transpiration structure.  Addis Ababa has a main point from where you can get on board with a mini local buses or taxi. Depending upon customer options according to travelling place and allocated budget, there is a big range of transportation vehicle accessible that make your place accessible. For more relax commuting,  local flights can forever be booked on discounted rates whilst in Ethiopia. For hopping to other visitor point in cheap rates, you can book in advance the buses.

Handy tips for flights to Ethiopia direct

•  International flights to and from Ethiopia are served by  Addis Ababa Bole International Airport.

•  Preferred airlines to fly to Ethiopia with stopovers are Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, Egypt Air, Gulf Air and Emirates.

•  Turkish airlines offers flights daily to Ethiopia from London through Istanbul.

•  Book at least three weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price.

•  High season is considered to be July, June and August. The cheap month to fly to Ethiopian is February.

•  Looking for cheap Ethiopia tickets price? 25 percent of users found-trip tickets to Ethiopia for the following prices or less: From Washington $959, Johannesburg $291, Nairobi $176, from London $592.