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Are you exploring the Gambia for the first time? Here are some of the best things to do to make sure you get the most out of your holiday.

Abuko Natural Reserve

Abuko Nature Reserve is Gambia oldest saved area placed in Western region within nineteen km from Banjul City. The reserve saves a big tract of gallery forests and is particularly noted for its monkey and bird populations. The visitors can also view hyenas, lions, and crocodiles.

Albert Market

The Albert Market is a street market in Banjul placed on Liberation Avenue and the market was build in the 19th century. This is a retail and wholesale market that sells clothes to hardware, produce like vegetables, fruits, dried goods crafts, meat and fish.

Kiang West National Park

This park is placed within 14km from Banjul City and it one of the biggest and most vital wildlife reserves in the Gambia gazetted by government of Gambia in 1987. The park protected with deciduous woodland, savannah and there are big range of stretches of blong tributaries, mangrove creeks, and tidal flats.


Makasutu Forest is placed approximately five kilometers to the north of Brikana, is a very green wilderness fed by a tributary of the Gambia River called as Mandina Bolon. There are a big range of eco-systems within the Makasutu protected wilderness area namely: mangroves, savannah, a dense mature tropical forest, semi-wooded grassland and Guinea woodland.

River Gambia National Park

This park is placed within 272 km from Banjul City. The national park was established in 1978 is made up of five islands that lie on the river in the Central River collectively called as Baboon Islands which cover a place of about 1,445 acres and are relatively flat. Primates are plentiful, as well as birds and reptiles.

Arch 22

Arch 22 is a memorial arch on the road into Banjul built in 1996. Arch 22 is by far the tallest building in the country. The arch provides amazing views over the city and it is open to the public daily.

Cheap flights to Gambia FAQs

What is the cheap time of year to fly to Gambia?

The cheap time of the year to visit the Gambia is in the fall, from July to November. This is the time when the rainy seasons is on the high. Coming to the Gambia during this season, could save you much cash. Since the Gambia flights and hotel are empty and the airlines at not selling as many seats, the Gambia tickets price down to attract more customers. The second cheap time of the year is from November to February.

Which day is cheap to fly to Gambia?

At the moment, Thursday is the most economical day to take cheap flights to Gambia. Sunday is likely to be the most expensive.

What time of day is cheap to fly?

At the moment, flights at midday are likely to give the top value for money for your Gambia trip. A Gambia flights in the afternoon will more often than not be of top cost.

What is the excellent time to book cheap flights to Gambia?

The excellent time of the year to book cheap flights to Gambia is between November and March, when the beaches are a lot more joy for sunbathing. But if you do not mind the rain, June through to October is when you will get the airlines cheap flight tickets Gambia. You can also pick up some best package holiday bargains in June when the main season has ended. No issue what time of year you visit. The Gambia guess hot temperatures on average of 32 C.  The chill temperature are generally found along the shore, thanks to sea breezes.

Which airlines fly to the Gambia?

Although the Gambia is one of the little countries in Africa, visitors have lots of airlines to pick from. Delta is likely to be the most famous name to American travelers. Most of the Gambia's other airlines are European, including Brussels Airlines, Thomas Cook, Vueling Wamos, and Air Nostrum. Royal Air Maroc, based in Morocco, is one of the continue arrivals at Banjul international Airport. Arik Air and National Airways Ethiopia, a Nigerian airline, are a famous choices.

How to get around the Gambia

Banjul International Airport is placed fifteen miles from the city of Banjul. Airport taxis are on hand to cater for all scheduled flights arrival to this airport. You will simply spot them; they are yellow with a green strip. The visitor taxis in town are green. It takes around 40 minutes to reach Banjul by airport taxi and the main places have a fixed rate price. Check if your Gambia flights and hotel offers a shuttle bus as these circulate to coastal area accommodations. A few car rental firms are accessible at the airport.