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The Middle Eastern country of Jordan is one of the most safe, modern and friendly nations in the area. It provides visitors a chance to learn about the culture and rich history, glimpse at some of the most wonderful sights in the world, and get in touch with superb natural wonders. Here are some of the best attractions:

Carved City of Petra

One of the most famous places to visit in Jordan is Petra, generally visitors top reason for picking Jordan in the first place.  The archaeological place is absolutely remarkable. Its rosy-red rock halls date to approximately 300 B.C.E, and it was the capital of the very old Nabataean Kingdom. The city is half carved into desert rocks, half built, which makes for a wonderful mixture of manmade and natural architecture.


Far-forward more than four-hundred years to the early 100s C.E, when the Romans established Gerasa, now famous as Jerash. The archeological place presents the top preserved Roman ruins outside of Italy, well value a visit. The city is not far from the capital of Jordanian, which means it can be done as a day tour or with some extra time to spend wandering the streets of the famous city. Ensure to visit Hadrian Arch, the South Theatre, and the Temple of Artemis, which seats up to three-thousand people.


While on a Jordan tour, you will pass via Amman at one point or another - actually, the capital is likely to be your primary stop. The city provides a surprisingly amazing range of sights for visitors, including ancient mosques, Roman ruins, amazing shopping, and definitely tasty foods. Presently, Amman is in continuous growth as it becomes a bigger metropolis, which means that cultural activities are also on the increase. Some best sights in Amman contain the very old Citadel, old city streets, the Roman theatre ruins, Ummayad Palace and King Abdullah I Mosque.

Cheap Flights to Jordan FAQs

Which day is cheap to fly to Jordan?

The cheap flights to Jordan are generally found when departing on a Monday. The departure day with the top cost at present is Sunday.

What time of day is cheap to fly?

Jordan flights can be made affordable if you pick a flight in the evening. Booking a Jordan flights in the afternoon will likely to be higher prices.

When is the excellent time to book cheap flights to Jordan?

To make sure you get the best Jordan flight deals , you should look to book at least fifty-two days in advance of your intended travel date. The price of your flights to Jordan may raise if you delay and leave booking until a week or so before departure.

What is the cheap time of year to fly to Jordan?

Regardless of warm temperature, as in some weeks of July, the mercury remains in the top thirties; the hot months is the high-priced and busiest as match to the rest of the year. Due to the returning non-resident Jordanian on the school break, June to September exhibits higher hotel rooms and ticket prices.
Luckily, December retains its title of being the cheap month of the year to come to Jordan. The nights are very cool,. But with just a light you can explore this country even in the night. December, before Christmas time, can get your Jordan flight tickets price and deals.

What are the international airports in Jordan?

Jordan has 2 international airports that serve the population of the country sufficiently. Both of these airports on the western side of the country where the big amount of the population lives.

Queen Alia International Airport is the northwestern side of the country. Although the airport itself is placed in Zizya city, it is just 30 kilometres from the Amman capital city. The Queen Alia international is the initial gateway into Jordan and it the center of the Royal Jordanian Airlines.

King Hussein International Airport is the airport serving the Economic Zone of Aqaba, in the south-west of Jordan, and is the only big Jordanian city with a little coasts on the Gulf of Aqaba. The airport is within a few kilometres of the international borders Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Getting around Jordan

There is only route accessible for domestic flights, which is between Aqaba and Amman.

Hiring a vehicle is probably the simplest way to travel - though ensure you fill up with gas before leaving the huge towns as stations are few and far between. Any person with a legal driving license for their own country - which they must have held for at least a year - is permitted to hire a car. Driving is on the right side. All signs are in both English and Arabic. Brown signs mark spots of visitor interest.

Buses are accessible for route between the main visitor places. It is probably value paying a bit more to travel in one of the air-conditioned buses, aimed at visitors.