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Here are some of the best attractions of Lesotho

Tse’hlanyane National Park

This is the biggest park in Lesotho and no other location is about as far away from it all as Ts’ehlanyane. This Lesotho Northern park saves a charming high-altitude, 5,600 hectare patch of rugged wilderness, adding one of Lesotho’s just stands of indigenous forests with a number of rare undergrowth plants that are special to this woodland habitat.

Katse Dam and Botanical Gardens

Any trip to Lesotho is decorated by a visit to Katse Dam. This is the centrepiece of the Lesotho Highlands Water projects which transfers the water of the Lesotho Highlands via an amazing conduit of tunnels and dams through the mountains, eventually dispelling out onto the plains of South Africa’s Free State province.

Sanni Pass and the Highest Divider

Remarkably prominent with local people and visitors like, The Sanni Pass is a momentous area for climbing, driving or mountain biking while getting a charge out of remarkable perspectives of Drakensburg Mountains. This route is full of adventure and fun.

Semonkong Falls

Semonkong in itself is a well-known fascination, as it is home to the Semonkong Falls, otherwise called the Maletsuyane Falls, the most amazing single drop in Southern Africa and provides some staggering pristine landscape. This charming waterfall is readily accessible from Semonkong by a 5 kilometer stroll near the Maletsunyane River. The top place to take a stroll definitely.


A national Monument, Thaba-Boisu or mountain of the night, is known as the birthplace of Basotho nation.  It is by far one of the most vital historical places in Lesotho and invokes a sense of identity for the proud nation Basotho.

Dinosaur Footprints

This pretty nation has the world’s largest known places of dinosaur impressions, which makes Lesotho a must loved place for both scientists and archaeologists. There are different dinosaur impression areas and some can be found at Subeng Stream, Morija, and Tsikoane near Moyeni, Leribe.

Cheap Flights to Lesotho FAQs

Peak season
With more than three-hundred days of sunshine a year, most visitors book cheap airline ticket to Lesotho in search of hot, bright days. Especially in the summer months between November and February, you will be capable to enjoy the outdoors by camping, hiking, and trekking without hesitating about rain or other inclement weather. Moshoeshoe Day is 14th March, when visitors book cheap flights to Lesotho to view the country in national dress, and watch parades move happily from the Palace to the Sotho Stadium.

Off-peak season
While the icy months from May to July are amazingly cold in the Maluti Mountains, you will be capable to find Lesotho flights and hotel deals and cheap flight tickets to Lesotho during this off-peak period.

Which day is cheap to fly to Lesotho?

At the moment, Friday is the most perfect day to take a flight to Lesotho. Tuesday is likely to be the most costly.

What time of day is cheap to fly?

Lesotho flights can be made affordable if you pick a flight in the afternoon. Booking a flight in the morning will likely mean top prices.

When is the excellent time to book airline ticket to Lesotho?

October through to May can be extremely hot in Lesotho, but the country also views very cold temperature at the heart of the winter months, sometimes dropping to -19. Booking a airline ticket to Lesotho between March and May might be your top shot at landing the Lesotho flight deals and enjoying the top weather country has to offer.

Which airlines operate flights in Lesotho?

South African Airways, Finnaviation, and South African Airlink all provide cheap flight tickets to Lesotho. The cheapest and quickest flight from and to Maseru can be booked with Airlink.

Getting around Lesotho

• If you are thinking about local Lesotho flights to get in and around South Africa, then you will most likely use South African Airways to get in and out of Moshoeshoe International Airport.

• If you are looking for a pretty more local Lesotho travel, then vehicle rental firms provide easy choices to get you around Maseru, the capital. Most firms are branches of other South African ones, so there expertise is broad-range, and they will be capable to help you get beyond the borders.

• Driving form Maseru to few domestic places does not take very long time: To Mokhotlong, it takes seven hours; to Qachas Nek, it takes eight hours, to Mohales Hoek, it takes an hour and 30 minutes, and to Mafeteng, it takes only 1 hour.

• Other choices like taxi service, minibuses and charter air services are accessible as well, but there is no train service accessible.