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Here are some of the best attractions of Namibia

Some of the best Namibia attractions and activities are discussed below:

Etosha National Park

Centered around a giant salt pan, so big that it can even be seen for outer area, is the amazing Etosha National Park. One of Africa’s biggest game reserves and an assured safari experience second to none.
With the full quota of wildlife including leopard, lion, elephant, white rhino, caracal, cheetah, zebra, giraffe, and many antelope, the mammal count is stunning – 115 to be precise. Birdlife is equally remarkable with 340 species on record adding a high part of raptors.


Sossusvlei is a wonderful Namibian landmark and one of the most-visited places in the country. Eerie  silence, red dunes, still air and the enormity of the desert makes this genuinely one-of-a-type place.
A visit to Namibia is unfinished without enjoying the trek in Sossusvlei, climbing Big Daddy and sitting on the world’s tallest dune looking out over a sea of equally huge dunes disappearing into the western horizon.


Pretty as an image, the beautiful seaside town of Swakopmund breathes freshly salty air into the dessert dry landscape. It is a famous stopover for guests to Namibia and the pretty and silent town provides plenty in terms of sights, locations to eat and things to do.


There numerous vital rock art sites scattered across Namibia, the famous being the Brandberg Massif in Damaraland that showcases San Hunter-gathered rock art that is over two-thousand years old. Also in Damaraland is Twyfelfontein, a UNESCO Globe Heritage Place and one of the most vital rock engraving places in Southern Africa.

The Fish River Canyon

This wonderful canyon is the 5th biggest in Africa and one of Namibia most frequently visited attractions. Its huge ravine houses the longest interior river in the country, and warm springs can be found near its lower reaches.

Cheap flights to Namibia FAQs

When to fly to Namibia

Peak season
Namibia gets an average of three-hundred days of sunshine each year, and is a mostly year-round place.
Winter runs from May to October, and temperatures are approximately 18-25 degrees during the day. At night, below-zero temperatures and frost is general. This is the excellent time to search for cheap flights to Namibia for game viewing.

Off season
The hot months and rainy season are October to April. Temperatures range between 20 to 33 degrees and night are chill. In the extreme south and north temperatures can climb past forty degrees. Anyway, the summer months are the top time of year to go birding. If the heat does not problem you, then it is the best time to find great Namibia flight deals.

What are the big airport in Namibia?

• Walvis Bay Airport (Walvis Bay)
• Hosea Kutako International Airport (Windhoek)
• Eros Airport (Windhoek)

Are there any Namibia flights direct?

The national carrier, Air Namibia cheap flights, used to be the only airline operating direct flights to UK.

Which day is affordable to book airline ticket to Namibia?

The cheap airline ticket to Namibia are generally found when departing on a Thursday. The departure day with maximum cost at present is Wednesday.

What time of day is affordable to fly to Namibia?

Flights at midday are generally the cheap time of the day to Namibia. Flights in the evenings are generally the most expensive.

What are the flight destination choices for landing in Namibia?

Namibia has 2 international airports; the Hosea Kutako Airport in the Windhoek capital city is the big international airport, facility nearly three-hundred flights every weeks, mostly international. RooiKop Airport in Walvis Bay is also a global airport with a small number of foreign flights per week. Other minors airports are Rundu and Oranjemund.

Which airlines offer Namibia flights?

• Air France/ KLM
• South African Airways
• Qatar Airways
• British Airways
• Air Namibia
• Ethiopian Airlines
• Turkish Airlines

Getting around Namibia

For local Namibia flights from Eros Airport to Walvis Bay, Ondangwa, Swakopmund, Oranjemund, Luderitz, and Katima Mulilo, Air Namibia is your top bet.

For another Namibia travel choice, train service runs to South Africa via the Shongololo Express, as well as other firms like Rovos Rail, Bushveld Train Safaris, and Desert Express. Schedules are accessible at all stations, and overnight sleeping vehicles can be arranged for longer distances. The interscape Mainliner runs bus service between larger towns and links with Cape Town, Johannesburg, and South Africa.

What are the hotel and accommodation choices in Namibia?

Cheap flight tickets to Namibia and hotel options are generally exclusive, with guesthouses and lodges dominating the industry. They cater for all objectives, whether visitors are staying during business trips, or looking out for a motel during their travel. They are also very affordable while facilitating standard amenities and services of television, internet, furnished bedroom and even suites. Open-air swimming pools are also present along with a few sporting choices.