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Book cheap flights to Senegal online and save money on airfare. Senegal is a tourist delight placed on the west coast of the continent of Africa. This amazing African country specs several natural value-visiting places and remarkable French colonial heritage. Dakar is famous as the capital of Senegal. Enhancing beaches, wonderful wildlife, rich culture, and spellbinding islands attracts lots of visitors to explore Senegal. And, if you are planning to visit Senegal, you need to know some of the most famous tourist attractions to explore. So, let’s have a look at them. Compare prices and get the lowest airfare on airline ticket from Senegal through great offers on Senegal flights online ticket booking.

Here are some of the best attractions of Senegal


Ensure you visit the Dakar IFAN Museum to watch amazing collection of West African and Senegalese masks, remarkable statues, and stunning musical instruments. You can find this wonderful museum in Dakar, the capital of Senegal.

In Dark, you can also find some of the value-visiting markets, such as many big markets and Marche de Tilene. Do not miss visiting some of the beautiful coastal beaches to enjoy swimming that you can find on the lle de Madeleinea in the surrounding area of this capital city.

Pink Lake

Pink Lake, also famous as Rebta Lake, is a wonderful lake full of pink-purple color. It has known to processes big amount of salt content and special species of bacteria. Watch this spellbinding lake in the reflection of the sunlight provides you a best view. Drive for an hour to north from the Dakar capital to watch superb salt harvesting.

St. Louis

St. Louis, also famous as Ndar, is a one of the oldest French Colonial towns where most Western squires resided. This fishing town comprises important part of the main land and spreads out on a little island.

Goree Island

Goree Island is one of the most famous visitor place on near the coast of the capital Dakar. It has a history of well-known slave-trading center. It is important place for African-American who visit it to pay their respects to the past of their ancestors.

Cheap flights to Senegal FAQs

What is the excellent time to visit Senegal?

November to April is the excellent time to visit Senegal. Senegal goes through a strong rainy season from May to September, which can be a drain on your holiday. Flights to Senegal cheap in the winter months can bring you more fun. There would be less rainy days and you could take your time visiting the country. The average temperatures stay in that goldilocks range: from 25C to 32 C. The warmth does become a pretty excessive after mid-April with the highs going beyond 36 C.  The humidity in Senegal, usually, also remains low during these times so from November to April, the visitors can breathe fresher air.

When is the excellent time to book cheap airline ticket to Senegal?

The price you pay for your cheap airline ticket to Senegal may change depending on when you book. For the top chance of a lower fare, look to book sixty days in advance of your trip. Senegal flights and hotel prices are likely to increase a fortnight, so book your ticket advance.

Is there a big international airport in Senegal?

Senegal has only 1 international airport. Blaise Diagne International Airport changed the Leopold Sedar Senghor Airport just a few years ago and now serves the city of Dakar. The new Dakar airport is fifty-three kilometers further inland from the city center. Getting there takes an hour by vehicle through A1 Autoroute through the Sabikotane Forest. Blaise Diagne International Airport was designed to manage about three million passengers each year.

What is the cheap time of year to fly to Senegal?

Senegal celebrates dynamic festivals in its full spirit. Among other festival of the year, Traditional Dance Festival and International Art Festival are the most famous. Goree Diaspora Festival, St. Louis Jazz Festival, Dark Art Biennale, du Sahel amazingly display Senegalese culture. So book your cheap airline ticket to Senegal now to enjoy these wonderful festivals.

Getting around Senegal

Once your flights to Senegal direct arrives, you will be quickly tempted by  wonderful cities like Saint-Louis and Dakar. Although public transpiration is limited, it is easy to get from one area to the other by train, bus, car, and local cheap Senegal flights.

In Dakar, little buses known car rapides cruise the roads, dropping off and picking up passengers on what seems to be every side of the city. In other towns and cities, Mercedes buses known Ndiaga Ndiaye hold up to thirty passengers, and run on regular routes. Another choice is the Car Mouride bus, which provides links to inland towns.

If you are interested in expanding your Senegal holiday, a ferry sails between Goree Island and Dakar that makes a best offshore daytrip. Finally, a car rental is possible and available in cheap rates. Most roads are in best standard. People speak French in Senegal, so improve your French lessons to at least be capable to get around Dakar and ask for directions if need be.