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Book cheap flights to Tunisia online and save money on airfare. Blessed by extraordinary geographic beauty, Tunisia is the best place to tour holidays and off times. 1500km long-stretched Mediterranean coast included by superb blue sea and glazy sand can spellbound any nature lover. Tunisia is one of the exclusive locations to have desserts, sea, and dunes all together. Explore the Tunisian mysteries and discover the nature at its best. Compare prices and get the lowest airfare on airline ticket from Tunisia through great offers on Tunisia flights online ticket booking.

Here are some of the best attractions of Tunisia

Sahara desert

If you are visiting northern Tunisia then you simply cannot ignore Sahara desert. Tunisia provides the visitors an immersion into a planet where desert and camel nomad reigned supreme. It was here that the wonderful desert scenes from the Star Wars and English Patient were filmed. The Sahara is a magical location, road jeep adventure, camel rides in the desert, sunset drinks on the dunes, or a night under canvas in an air-conditioned tent will give memories for a lifetime.

Sidi Bou said

Sidi Bou is name of Sufi cleric, Sidi said in a position of ten kilometers west of Tunis. This area consists of buildings that cause the inspiration of Andalusia, the white buildings and blue windows and doors. Its place is high due to the hilltop area, is best to be for those who want to enjoy the charming and attractive views of Mediterranean sea.

Brado Museum

Brado museum is best for those visitors who want to know the Tunisia history. Its special architecture and old civilization attracts many tourists. Before independence, the Bardo Museum was a palace of King Tunisia.  Museum is open every day instead of Monday.


Hammamet is famous as the fishing town and placed on the shores of the Mediterranean, approximately sixty km in the east of Tunis. It is little town in Tunisia, because of its beaches it became the famous place for the tourism, popular place for water sports and swimming.

Tunis Medina

Tunis is the Tunisia capital is placed on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The area generally known as the old city of Medina. The area is surrounded by big wall fence. Wall fencers were made to keep the city from the enemy attack. It is a best location for the visitors to view the history of Tunisia.

Cheap flights to Tunisia FAQs

Best time to fly to Tunisia

Peak season
The peak season changes depending on where in the country you want to however you will usually struggle to find the cheap flights to Tunisia from June to August as more visitors flock to the sunshine. May end of June are amazing time to safe your Tunisia tickets price as the weather is hot and reliable but cheap flight tickets to Tunisia are easier to come by. November is the excellent month to visit the south as longer trips in the Sahara Desert are possible. There are also desert festivals around November too so ensure to plan ahead and safe your flight tickets well in advance to reject overpaying.

Off-peak season
While the span between September and March brings heavy damp and rainfall, cool air, it is also the top time to find cheap flight tickets to Tunisia, especially if you are looking to experience the solemnity of Ramadan in October. February and January are lowest traffic months, Tunisia flights and hotel are certain to cut rates.

What day is cheap to fly to Tunisia?

At the moment, Monday is the most economical day to take Tunisia flights. Saturday is likely to be the most expensive.

What time of day is cheap to fly?

To get the top value, try booking a flight when visiting Tunisia. Generally the prices will rise for flights in the afternoon as these tend to have higher demand.

When is the excellent time to book airline ticket to Tunisia?

The price you pay for your airline ticket to Tunisia direct may change depending on when you book. For the excellent chance of a lower fare, look to book fifty days in advance of your trip. Tunisia tickets price are likely to increase fortnight or so before your departure date.

Which airlines operate flights to Tunisia?

Tunisair is a main airline that offers flights to Tunisia direct. You can definitely find connecting flights with other airlines such as Lufthansa and British Airways. Due to lack of competitive airlines providing flights to Tunisia you are restricted slightly when trying to find the cheap flight tickets anyway if you plan ahead you can generally find a best deal.

Getting around Tunisia

Once your flights to Tunisia cheap arrive, you can visit many attractions without any problem. Tunis Air also offer local Tunisia flights from Tunis to Sfax, Tozeur, and Djerba.
On land, taxis, trains, and buses operates all over the country. The tram consists of an electric network that runs on a one rail, and an above ground metro that is easily navigated. The commuter rail systems moves locals to suburban areas like La Goulette, La Marsa, Sidi Bou Said and Carthage.