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Book cheap flights to Zimbabwe online and save money on airfare. Zimbabwe is a colorful country gifted with so much natural beauty in its plants, landscapes, and wildlife. With a big range of charming locations of interest providing special experiences. Zimbabwe also has some extremely acclaimed culture and historical monuments. These recreational resorts or sites are famous places for many. Compare prices and get the lowest airfare on airline ticket to Zimbabwe through great offers on Zimbabwe flights online ticket booking.

Here are some of the best attractions of Zimbabwe

Here is the best attractions in Zimbabwe.

Mana Pools National Park

This park is placed in the far north of the Zimbabwe, and is renowned as one of the most perfect nature areas in Zimbabwe. It is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage place for its amazing concentration of wildlife, including leopard, buffalo, elephant, and cheetah. Mana pools is also a haven for water-based wildlife, with big population of Nile Crocodile and Hippo. The live in the 4 pools that provide the park its name, each one created by the Zambezi River.

The Great Zimbabwe Ruins

The Great Zimbabwe Ruins are a historical place which is well value a visit, a stone buildings were built in the eleventh century and consist fully of stone with no mortar and are one of the oldest ruins in South Africa. The big stone city was a thriving political center during that age. The name Zimbabwe came from the stone structure which are famous as “dzimba dzamabwe” which means stone house.

Hwange National Park

Hwange is the biggest wildlife park in Zimbabwe, it is teeming with different animals from giraffe, lions, wildebeest, over hundred mammal species in all. Hwange also has the biggest elephant population in Zimbabwe. The park provides rugged camping places as well as developed facilities, picnic places and hosts several luxury lodges. Tourists to the park will enjoy walking safaris, birding, trekking the painted dog, and camping under the stars.

The Matobo Hills

Matobo hills or the Matopos are an expensive granite rock out outcrop which was formed 1000s of years ago. These remarkable Kopjes stretch for over thirty kilometres. They are placed in the Matoba National Park in Bulawayo and they have cultural and historical importance to Zimbabwe.

Cheap flights to Zimbabwe FAQs

Which airlines operate cheap airline ticket to Zimbabwe?

There are a big range of different airlines that provide flights to Zimbabwe cheap although Kenya Airways, KLM, British Airways and Air France are the big four. Generally the Zimbabwe tickets price do not vary much so a lot of it comes down to preference. You will have excellent chance finding cheap airline ticket to Zimbabwe with Air France or KLM, anyway British Airways are a best choice to consider as they provide complimentary drinks and snacks throughout the fully of their flights to Zimbabwe, as well as a free executive membership where you can earn points.

Best time to fly to Zimbabwe

If you found cheap flights to Zimbabwe between April and September, you are in for a less warmth and more gaming viewing. The tropical situations make high grassland plateau the best place to spot wildlife.

Peak season
The peak season is during the United Kingdom winter so you will struggle to find Zimbabwe flight deals. Ensure you book your flights tickets in advance to reject overpaying for flights to Zimbabwe and plan ahead in case of any events or festivals are taking place. November to April is the rainy season where the land turns green, making it a remarkable time to visit to catch animals drinking from waterholes. If you want to go to Victoria Falls, which is Zimbabwe big attraction, then visit between April and July.

Off-peak season
You will find the cheap flight tickets to Zimbabwe Harare from late June to September which is the dry season. All of the land dries up and everywhere begins to look rather baron although you will have a much easier time finding Zimbabwe flights and hotel deals.

International airports in Zimbabwe

Harare international Airport is the big commercial aviation platform serving the country, with cheap flight tickets to Zimbabwe Harare across the region like Middle East, Europe as well as within Africa landing at its airport. It attends to approximately four-hundred flights a week, mostly international. Next flight choices are Victoria Falls and Bulawayo Airport,  which are little international airports mostly managing flights arriving within Africa. Kariba airport fully operates on a local scale.

How to travel to the city center from Airport?

The airport is conveniently placed around 12km away from the city center and there are couple of choices accessible to get there. You can find taxis from outside of the arrival terminals but ensure you agree on the price before you get in. bus services are also accessible and they are fraction of the price so unless you have a lots of luggage or if there are few of you to split the taxi cost, a bus is an excellent choice. Finally, once you have booked your South Africa Airways Zimbabwe cheap flights, it is value trying to view if any hotels provide airport transfers in with as this will keep you money and time.