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      Inwi Data Bundles, Data Plan, Subscription Codes and Prices

      Below is the list of every Inwi data plans and prices / Inwi Morocco internet package. Inwi is the little provider in Morocco but still reasonable,  if you stick to the town mainly. Make a network scan,  if you want to use it at a particular location. They sell their prepaid SIM known as Tic Tac in their outlets and stores. Tic Tac is the name of their base package and sold for twenty DH with the same credit pre-loaded.  Find below cheap Inwi data bundles price in Morocco:

      Here is how to get Inwi data bundles, plans and prices / Inwi Morocco internet package

      Inwi data plans and prices

      Data by default by One DH per MB. To activate Inwi data bundles you need to top-up specifically your data account by entering the top-up code in the respective amount followed by three.
      There internet sur mobile passes for Tic Tac are accessible:




      5 DHS

      500 MB

      Inwi Data Plans: 1 day

      10 DHS

      1 GB

      Inwi Data Plans: 3 days

      20 DHS

      2 GB

      Inwi Weekly Data Plans: 7 days

      50 DHS

      5 GB

      Inwi Monthly Data Plans: 30 days

      100 DHS

      10 GB

      Inwi Monthly Data Plans: 30 days

      Inwi Internet Speed

      Peak Speed:
      Average internet browsing speed:

      Inwi Morocco data bundles information above, prices and subscription codes are valid as per our last update 2020.