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Desert countries have beautiful things that many people love. But when it comes to Namibia tour packages, the breath-taking desert is accompanied by the fantastic coastline. Namibia hosts a lot of remote areas for laidback and unwinds escapes. It is irreplaceable with its wilderness, wildlife, as well as the distinct landscape that you won’t find in any other country. Compare Namibia vacation packages and enjoy a trip to a fascinating country.


About Namibia


Namibia is located on the west coast of Southern Africa. The borders are South Africa, Angola, Zambia, and Botswana. Its a capital city is Windhoek. The official Namibia language is English. However, it is the first language of only 7% of the population. German and Afrikaans are the major languages in the white minority. And the other folks speak different indigenous languages. Christianity is the religion of the majority. Around 90% of the population have it. The country’s official currency is Namibian Dollar. South African Rand is also legal.


Top Tourist Attractions & Activities in holiday packages in Namibia


Namibia is one country that has a very unique culture and nature. This former German colony has a variety of things that can be explored. Namibia is the best thing in Africa that you can’t miss. Why is that? The first reason, because Namibia has the longest coastline in Africa that has never been touched by luxury resorts, is located overlooking the super clean Atlantic Ocean, and has a national park that is still beautiful and there has been no foreign intervention. And secondly, this country also has wild nature that is still original and has a different sandstone from the Namib Desert. Namibia is one of the safest countries on the African continent. No country is guaranteed to be 100 percent safe, so you don’t need to worry too much. If you have decided to visit Namibia as your travel destination, here are some tips for Namibia tour packages in interesting places:


When Must I go?


Speaking of the right time to Namibia tour packages with your family or friends, you will need to know the climate of Namibia first. This country has a hot desert climate. It is usually dry, sunny, and warm. Rain could occasionally fall. the summer months happen from December to March. The winter months come from June to August. These will be the driest and coolest.

The best time to proceed your Namibia travel packages is from April to May, and September to October. These months Namibia offers you with the most pleasant climate. The game-viewing will be prevalent in summer and early spring.

Popular Namibia Tour Packages


Skeleton Coast


Skeleton Coast is definitely an important addition in the holiday packages in Namibia. It boasts the shipwrecks and skeletons of the long-dead whale’s dot. Then there are elephants wandering through the area. It is a breath-taking place to enjoy for nature lovers and adventurers. This place is a wild place that you must visit. Skeleton Coast stretches 400 miles from Swakopmund with the Angolan border. This place is the beach with the longest coastline in Africa, and this is where you want to see the Atlantic Ocean with the best viewpoint. This place is not accessible by land route.


Fish River Canyon


When visiting Namibia, don’t miss Fish River Canyon 500 in your Namibia travel packages. It is the largest canyon in Africa. Many hikers use the cooler months moment to hike the length of the canyon. When you do it, it will reward you with such breath-taking scenery.


Etosha National Park


If you are interested in going to Namibia tours, Etosha National Park is definitely the great choice. People slate it as a top wildlife destination.Here you can see lions, giraffes, elephants, and some rare rhinos. The Park hosts four of the Big Five, including lion, leopard, rhino, as well as elephant. You will easily spot waterholes there. These are the sanctuary of the black rhino. Make sure to bring your camera to snap the amazing moments. This place is one of the tourist destinations for tourists. Most types of animals in this national park are the same as the animals you see on the Skeleton Coast.




Sossusvlei is popular because of its spectacular landscapes. The surrounding area is full of the distinct landscapes that you can enjoy from top to the bottom. the popular view is attainable via the top of Big Daddy dune. There are also the skeletal thorn trees of Deadvlei which are worth to take into the images. The wildlife is also available in the desert. The apricot-colored sand dunes are definitely the rare sights in your country. The skeleton coastal road offers you with amazing pounding waves, fogs, fur seals and desert wildlife. Don’t miss it in your Namibia holiday packages.




Windhoek is the country’s capital and largest city of the Republic of Namibia. You can see colonial buildings with historic buildings. As long as you are in Windhoek, you can stay at Utopia Boutique Hotel or stay at a historic hotel, Hotel Heinitzburg, which is the 18th-century castle.




It is a city with the atmosphere of the German Baltic Beach Resort, where along the way you will find palm trees between the ferocious deserts. Swakopmund is the perfect place for those of you who have a vacation path from Windhoek to Skeleton Coast.


Klein-Aus Vista


This place is a desert that has an area of 10,000 hectares. Here you can stay and feel life on a desert farm. Besides, you can also ask the staff to arrange a time to take a walk while seeing wild horses that live in the Namibian Desert. Enjoy Namibia vacation packages  that are different from other countries.

Those are some interesting places in Namibia that you can visit. For those of you who are already tired of the hustle and bustle of work, you can refresh your mind by seeing this desert and wild scenery in Namibia. Order a Namibia vacation package, and enjoy a trip to a new world!

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