Best Holiday Destinations in Australia Travel Guide, Vacation Planning Tips & Travel Information of the Best Places to Visit in Australia

Lively metropolises, vast steppes and deserts, snowy mountain ranges, paradisiacal beaches, seemingly endless eucalyptus and acacia forests, extensive farms in the outback… the best holiday destinations in Australia are all this and more. If you want to visit the best tourist destinations in Australia, we have the most important facts for you at a glance. With an area of around 7.7 million km², the smallest continent is twenty-two times the size of Germany and almost four times the size of Greenland – the largest island in the world. You will also notice this when you go on a holiday to Australia. With more than 20 million inhabitants, Australia is the second least densely populated continent on earth. Only Antarctica has even fewer inhabitants. Australia’s environment is unique because unique life forms such as the kangaroo and a wide variety of plants have evolved and been preserved there over the centuries. Special attention is paid to biodiversity and nature conservation with protective measures and laws. Australia is also culturally unique with its fascinating history, starting with the native people, the Aborigines, to the first settlement by the Europeans and the events of the recent past. Because of its excellent quality of life, the Australia is often called the “lucky country” and a happy, interesting trip to Australia guarantees the holidaymaker the breathtaking diversity of this continent. Discover the most amazing places to visit in Australia.

Best holiday destinations in Australia - Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour

Facts and figures of holiday destinations in Australia

  • Area: 7,692,300 km²
  • Population: approx. 25,69 Millionen (2021)
  • National languages: English (official language), other Australian languages
  • Population density: approx. 2.4 inhabitants per km²
  • Capital: Canberra with an area of 805.6 km² and approx. 472,000 (2023) inhabitants
  • License plate: AUS
  • International dialing code: 0061
  • Emergency call: 000 (emergency call, police, rescue service)
  • Form of government: Parliamentary-democratic monarchy (Commonwealth of Nations)
  • National Day: January 26th (Australia Day)
  • Local currency: 1 Australian dollar ($A) = 100 cents or 1$A = €0.60
  • Time zone: UTC +8 to +11
  • Religions: Christians (c. 68%), Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, indigenous religions
  • Main industries: cotton, iron ore, manufactured goods, machinery, food, coal, wool

Best holiday destinations in Australia - Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach

History of holiday destinations in Australia

  • 1606 The Dutchman William Jansz is the first European to reach Australia.
  • 1770 Captain James Cook takes possession of eastern Australia for the British Crown.
  • 1788 Australia becomes a British penal colony. Approximately 160,000 convicts will be sent there over the next 80 years.
  • 1838 German immigrants arrive in Australia, particularly South Australia and Queensland.
  • 1901 Australia becomes the Federal Commonwealth of Australia. Thus the “Australian Confederation” is founded. Melbourne becomes the capital. The first Prime Minister in Parliament is Edmund Barton.
  • 1908 Andrew Fisher (Labour Party) becomes the new Prime Minister. Then the minimum wage is introduced.
  • 1913 Canberra becomes the new capital of Australia.
  • 1914 Australia takes part in World War I with the British declaration of war on Germany.
  • 1931 Australia joins the Commonwealth of Nations.
    From 1950 Approximately 2.5 million people emigrate to Australia.
  • 1956 The Olympic Games are held in Melbourne.
  • 1966 Introduction of the Australian dollar.
  • 1967 Australia’s indigenous people, the Aborigines, are granted full civil rights, including the right to vote.
  • 2000 The Olympic and Paralympic Games take place in Sydney.
  • 2003 Australia takes part in the Iraq War.

Best holiday destinations in Australia - Sydney Opera HouseSydney Opera House

Culture, customs and traditions of holiday destinations in Australia

One of the oldest cultures in the world is that of Australia’s indigenous people, the Aborigines. Even today you can learn a lot about the life, history and culture of the Aborigines in museums, events and exhibitions. Or you can go on holiday in Australia yourself in search of traces and discover old rock paintings of the indigenous people, such as in the Flinders Ranges Nature Park in South Australia.
The holiday destination Australia is also considered a culture-conscious country. Art, literature and film are highly valued and not infrequently exhibited, as are music, dance, theater and the many interesting museums to be discovered during a holiday in Australia. In addition to museums, a visit to the theater is also worthwhile, such as the famous Opera House in Sydney or the oldest theater in Australia, the Theater Royal in Hobart, Tasmania.
The country’s best-known artists include music group AC/DC, Kylie Minogue and wildlife filmmaker Malcolm Douglas.
In addition, the holiday destination Australia has many cultural events, above all the popular festivals, such as the annual Darwin Festival with music and dance or the famous Adelaide Festival of Arts, which attracts many world-class artists in Adelaide.

Destination Australia Didgeridoo Musik CultureAustralian Aboriginal Didgeridoo Music Instruments

Discover the holiday destinations in Australia’s major provinces and territories on your vacation in Australia

Australian Capital Territory

The capital of Australia, Canberra, is located in the Australian Capital Territory. Only about 2,430 km² in size, the region is completely framed by the state of New South Wales. Other cities in this territory are Hall, Naas, Tharwa and Williamsdale. Also outside of Canberra are vineyards, agricultural land, and the sprawling Namadgi National Park and Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve.
The Australian Capital Territory is ideal for exploring the great outdoors during a holiday in Australia. Just a few hours’ drive outside of Canberra are gorgeous beaches, such as those on the south coast, charming historic towns and a virtually untouched natural landscape. Or you can pay a visit to the high, snowy mountains around Canberra and enjoy the short trip to a small winter country.
Equally interesting is a visit to the Namadgi and Tidbinbilla Natural Parks. Sporting activities can be enjoyed during an Australia holiday in the Capital Territory with the popular sports of horseback riding and hiking, or you can attend one of the many festivals that take place in the capital.


New South Wales, affectionately known as the “Premier State” by its residents, is the oldest state in Australia. Its capital, Sydney, is also the oldest and also the largest city on the continent. With around 6.4 million inhabitants (equivalent to around a third of the entire Australian population), New South Wales is densely populated and, at around 800,000 km², is more than twice the size of Germany. A magnet for visitors is of course the capital Sydney, which, in addition to its many attractions, has one of the most beautiful harbors in the world and is definitely worth a visit if you want to vacation in Australia. Areas outside of Sydney, such as the Blue Mountains just a two-hour drive to the west, also have their appeal. Those looking to enjoy the great outdoors on an Australian vacation should head to the Hunter Valley for its elegant restaurants, wine tasting and beautiful surroundings. Worth a visit are the Southern Highlands, where you can visit beautiful historical places and take a trip to Morton National Park.

New South Wales

Northern Territories

The Northern Territory in Australia is sparsely populated with around 200,000 inhabitants on 1,349,130 km². Nonetheless, there is still a lot to discover when holidaying in Australia.

In terms of tourism, the state is divided into two regions: “Central Australia” with the Red Centre, the city of Alice Springs, Kings Canyon and Uluru National Park with Ayers Rock, the sacred mountain of the Aborigines. The tropical “Top End” includes the capital city of Darwin, Kakadu National Park and the Never Never area with Nitmiluk National Park.
A must for anyone vacationing in Australia is a visit to the largest monolith on earth: Ayers Rock in Uluru National Park. One can climb up to the top of the red mountain and enjoy the magical view of the landscape.
Another must is a visit to the famous Kakadu National Park, one of the most beautiful natural parks in the world. Boat trips and a rich flora and fauna attract many visitors. If that doesn’t get enough of Australian nature, we recommend a detour to Litchfield Park, whose majestic waterfalls and deep lakes make the park something very special.

Destination Australia Uluṟu


Queensland is the second largest state in Australia. With around 3 million inhabitants, more than half of whom live in the capital Brisbane, the state is home to almost 17 percent of Australia’s total population.
Queensland is best known for the world-famous Great Barrier Reef. The world’s largest coral reef is 345,000 km² (about the size of Germany) and was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Comprising over 2900 discrete reefs and 71 coral cays, as well as 1000 self-contained islands, it is a paradise for anyone holidaying in Australia, and of course the divers among them.

Gold Coast, QueenslandGold Coast, Queensland

But besides the Great Barrier Reef, there are other attractions in Queensland: from the sprawling outback to lush rainforests and golden beaches like the Gold Coast, everything can be found. A circuit of the Great Tropical Drives through the fascinating rainforests or a drive along the Savannah Way in the outback are ideal for exploring.
A popular destination for an Australian holiday is the east coast, which boasts a length of over 2000 kilometers and golden sandy beaches. The Whitsunday Islands offer sports enthusiasts, especially sailors, enough winds for enchanting cruises as well as a boat trip.

Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

South Australia

Over 80 percent of its approximately 1.8 million inhabitants live in and around the capital Adelaide.
South Australia seems to have something for everyone holidaying in Australia: sports fans can enjoy surfing off the Fleurieu Peninsula, the Eyre Peninsula and the Yorke Peninsula. There are also beautiful reefs off the coast of Adelaide, which open up a breathtaking underwater world for divers, and sailing enthusiasts will not miss out on the St. Vincent Gulf.
Wine lovers will appreciate the Barossa Valley as it is one of Australia’s largest and oldest wine regions. The wines produced there enjoy an international reputation.

For sun lovers, the Gold Coast is recommended with its miles of beaches, which are very popular with tourists coming to Australia for a holiday.
Furthermore, South Australia offers a unique natural landscape with its fascinating landscapes, the wide outback, the Kangaroo Island Nature Park and the Flinders Ranges, the most famous mountains in the region. When hiking through the mountains, it is not uncommon to discover cave and rock paintings, as well as carved symbols and signs that bear witness to the Aborigines who lived there at the time.

Gold Coast Australia


The island of Tasmania can be found southeast of the Australian coast and about 240 kilometers from the mainland. The capital is Hobart in the south, the second largest city is Launceston in the north of the island.
Tasmania, or Tasmania in English, was named after Abel J. Tasman, who discovered the island in 1642. With a size of around 68,000 km², the island is the smallest state in Australia and is also very sparsely populated. Nevertheless, there is also a lot to see in Tasmania during a holiday in Australia.
Most of the island area belongs to nature parks, such as the Gordon Franklin River National Park or the most famous national park, the Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park.
In addition to the two largest cities, there is a lot to discover on the island. For example, the many historical buildings and settlements, such as the ruins of Port Arthur, a former convict colony, or a visit to one of the large nature parks.
In addition, many festivals take place in Tasmania, such as the Hobart Summer Festival, the Festival of the Senses in Launceston and the famous Sydney-Hobart yacht race.

Holiday destination Australia Tasmania


The state of Victoria is located in the southeast of Australia and, with a size of 227,600 km² (about two thirds of Germany), is home to 4.8 million inhabitants, 75 percent of whom live in the capital Melbourne. Although Victoria is one of the smaller states in Australia, there is still a lot to discover: many different natural regions, long sandy beaches, subtropical forests, extensive outback and fascinating mountains. The Great Ocean Road, one of the most beautiful coastal roads on earth, is worth a visit. There you will find fantastic rock formations, such as the “Twelve Apostles” and pristine rainforests in Mount Richmond and Otway National Parks. In Mungo Natural Park, which has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, you will find breathtaking, large sand dunes and in northern Victoria one of the largest fruit and wine growing regions in the state on the Murray River invites you to linger. Not to be forgotten is of course the capital Melbourne, which you should not miss visiting if you are on holiday in Australia.

Twelve Apostles Australia

Twelve Apostles

Western Australia

Western Australia is the largest state in Australia at around 2.5 million square kilometers. This corresponds to about seven times the size of Germany. The capital is Perth, which is home to approximately 75% of Western Australia’s population. The rest of the country is sparsely populated and therefore offers plenty of grazing land for sheep, cattle and other livestock. As a result, Western Australia has a lot of untouched nature, which is protected by numerous nature parks.

Outside of Perth there are other attractions, such as Rottnest Island, a small island off the Western Australian coast that is ideal for day trips during an Australian vacation. Many rare animal species can be observed there in their natural environment. Other holiday destinations in Australia include the Ningaloo Reef, a paradise for divers, and Shark Bay with its tame dolphins and wine tasting on the Margaret River.

Lucky Bay, Western Australia, Australia

Top places to visit of best holiday destinations in Australia

The holiday destination Australia is a whole world unto itself with fascinating sights. Listing them all would go beyond the scope, so only a few of them are mentioned here.

Great Barrier Reef – largest coral reef in the world

One of the most famous attractions of a holiday in Australia is the Great Barrier Reef in the state of Queensland, which is a nature reserve. It is about the size of Germany and is the largest coral reef in the world. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Destination Australia Great Barrier Reef

Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra – most popular holiday destinations in Australia

Furthermore, the cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra are of course among the visitor magnets, each of which has its own flair. The Sydney Harbor Bridge, which is almost 500 meters long, is particularly worth seeing, as is the landmark of the metropolis, the Opera House, which was built in the shape of a shell or sail. But the other big cities also have a lot to offer.

The best holiday destinations in Australia’s stunning landscape are mostly protected by national parks, many of which are worth visiting, including Kakadu and Litchfield National Parks. Nature lovers and sports fans in particular will feel at home in Australia, but holidaymakers interested in culture will also be able to satisfy their curiosity in museums such as the Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery in Hobart and the South Australian Museum in Adelaide with the world’s largest exhibition on Aboriginal culture.


Best national parks of holiday destinations in Australia

During a holiday in Australia you will not be able to avoid paying a visit to at least one of the numerous national parks. Many of them enjoy a certain world reputation, so only a few can be mentioned here.
Founded in 1879, Royal National Park in New South Wales is the second oldest nature park in the world after Yellowstone National Park in the USA. Extensive eucalyptus forests and the Hacking River, which runs through the area, characterize the park.
Probably the most famous park is the Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory, which is considered one of the most beautiful nature parks in all of Australia. It is about the size of Switzerland and has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Kakadu National Park is home to numerous Aboriginal rock paintings and unique flora and fauna.
Furthermore, the Uluru-Kata-Tjuta National Park – also in the Northern Territory – with its famous Ayers Rock and the Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park in Tasmania with its untouched natural landscapes should be mentioned.
Of course, there are numerous other beautiful national parks in Australia in every state that protect the unique flora and fauna of the country. An enchanting natural landscape awaits the visitor during a vacation in Australia.

koala bear

Discover the best holiday destinations in Australia ’s major cities on your vacation in Australia


The coastal town was named Adelaide on 28 December 1836 by Captain John Hindmarsh, the first Governor of South Australia, after the English Queen of German origin. More than seventy percent of the population live in Adelaide, the capital of South Australia. It is the first city in Australia that did not originate from a convict colony.

The city is also known as “Festival City” because every other year the “Adelaide Festival of Arts”, the largest culture and arts festival in the entire Asia and Pacific region, takes place there. Anyone holidaying in Australia will be amazed at the number of world-class artists that converge on Festival City at this time.
The center of the city is surrounded by many parks and divides Adelaide into downtown, along which the Torrens River flows, and north Adelaide with its pretty residential areas.
Worth seeing in the city are the Festval Center, which consists of several theaters and exhibitions, the botanical garden, and many museums, such as the Art Gallery of South Australia, which mainly shows the pictures of local artists. Also of interest is the South Australian Museum with its Aboriginal Cultures Gallery, the world’s largest exhibition on Australian Aboriginal culture, and the Old Parliament House, which provides information about the history of the state.

Holiday destination Australia Adelaide

Brisbane – one of the best holiday destinations in Australia

The city on the Brisbane River is the capital of Queensland and was founded in 1823/24 by John Oxley as a new penal colony. It is one of the first colonies in Australia. The Brisbane River divides the city in two and encircles the center to the north.
Unfortunately, few of the town’s old houses remain, but one of them is Newstead House, believed to be the town’s oldest colonial-style house. Equally interesting is the City Hall in King George Square, the town hall in the center with a 100m high tower that is open to visitors and offers a wonderful view over the city for anyone holidaying in Australia.
Other sights include Parliament House, built in the French Renaissance style, as well as the colonial-style St. James Church and the Treasury Building, now the Treasury, in the Italian Renaissance style.
Brisbane is also best known for its universities, such as the Queensland University of Technology.

Best holiday destinations in Australia - Stars - Brisbane


Anyone planning to go on holiday to Australia is particularly interested in its capital. With around 323,600 inhabitants, Canberra is the eighth largest city in Australia and also the capital. Canberra was founded in 1908 as there were disputes between the two major cities of Melbourne and Sydney about the status of the capital and they could not agree on either. The planned city was designed by US architect Walter Burley Griffin and officially proclaimed the capital of Australia on May 9, 1927.
In the center is the artificially created Lake Burley Griffin, which was dammed from the Molonglo River, which divides Canberra into two almost equal halves.
The visitor will immediately notice the many natural areas and parks in the city that are part of the Canberra Natural Park. Due to these many natural parts, the city has also been given the nickname “Bush Capital”.
There are seven distinct boroughs, which are in turn divided into small neighborhoods, also known as suburbs. These districts are: North and South Canberra, Woden Valley, Belconnen, Weston Creek, Tuggeranong and Gungahlin.
Most of the sights are in the two oldest districts of South and North Canberra, which are therefore particularly interesting for tourists in Australia. In the north you will find the so-called Civic Center, a center with many shops and also the University of Canberra. Not far away are the well-known Mount Ainslie and Black Mountain viewpoints, which offer a fantastic view of the landscape around the city.
In the south is the central point of the government district, Capital Hill, which is bypassed by many ring roads and thus to which all main roads lead. If you want to vacation in Australia, the new Parliament House, which opened in 1988, is also worth a visit.
In addition, the city naturally also offers a wide range of shopping and nightlife options, as well as many clubs, bars, pubs and restaurants.

Holiday destination Australia - Canberra


Darwin is the capital of Australia’s Northern Territory and the largest city in the region.
It was founded in 1869 under the name Palmerston, after the British Prime Minister at the time. It was not until 1911 that it got its current name.
The city is considered the “Gateway to Asia” as it is closer to Asia than to Sydney. The city is strongly multicultural due to many immigrants and is home to around 75 different nationalities.
Special attractions for a holiday in Australia are the many festivals taking place in the city, such as the annual Darwin Festival, which consists of music, dance, theater and comedy, as well as film screenings. Also a highlight of the year is the Bougainvillea Festival and Rodeo, an event combining theatre, cultural and sporting activities, as well as the well-known horse race, the Darwin Cup.
There are numerous museums and galleries in the city, such as the Museum and Art of the Northern Territory and Tunnel No. 5, an underground oil tank – a remnant of WWII – which has been converted into a museum. Equally interesting are the art galleries, which mainly deal with Aboriginal art.
Many nature parks are in and around Darwin, including the famous Kakadu National Park and Litchfield National Park, to which tours are regularly organized from Darwin.

Holiday destination Australia - Darwin


To the south is the city of Hobart, founded in 1804 by Lieutenant-Colonel David Collins as a new convict colony. Hobart is the second oldest city in Australia after Sydney and the capital of Tasmania with around 218,000 inhabitants.
The heart of the city is the old town district of Battery Point, which was built from 1818 mainly by convicts from sandstone characteristic of the island and today contains mostly residential buildings and shops.
Worth a visit is the weekly open-air market at Salamanca Place every Saturday. The pretty warehouses that now house boutiques, restaurants, souvenir shops and other shops were also built of sandstone.
Other attractions include the attractive waterfront, the Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery, which tells of settler and Aboriginal history, and the elegant rooftop revolving restaurant at West Point Casino, which offers enchanting views over the city. The botanical gardens and the oldest theater in Australia, the Theater Royal, are also worth a visit.
Sailing enthusiasts holidaying in Australia will find that Tasmania is particularly well known for December’s world-famous Sydney to Hobart Deep Sea Regatta, with the winner welcomed and celebrated in Hobart Harbour.

Holiday destination Australia - Hobart

Perth – one of the best holiday destinations in Australia

The capital of the Australian state of Western Australia was founded on August 12, 1829 by Captain James Stirling near the Swan River on the Indian Ocean. However, Perth was not officially founded until 1856.

Perth is best known for its many water sports and sailing offers. The fantastic beaches and the pleasantly warm sea (constantly 20 to 22°C) attract many water sports and diving fans. Of particular interest to divers is Rottnest Island (also called “Rotto”), an island off the coast of Perth. Of course, the city doesn’t just offer sports fans a lot. Those interested in culture should visit the Western Australia Museum in the Northbridge district. In addition to an exhibition on Aboriginal culture, there is also an old prison, the Old Perth Gaol, to visit, as well as a huge blue whale skeleton and a meteorite weighing 11 tons. Nature lovers will inevitably be drawn to the so-called “soul of the city,” the 1,000-acre Kings Park on the outskirts of the city. In addition to a restaurant, various monuments, sports facilities and an open-air cinema, there is a botanical garden in the southern part, the highest point of which, the Legacy Lookout, offers an enchanting view of the city. Kings Park also hosts the well-known West Australian Wildflower Festival in September. Other attractions of an Australia holiday here are the Perth Zoo with the wild animals of Australia, Africa and Asia, as well as beautiful old buildings such as the Government House, the Town Hall or the oldest building in Perth, the Old Courthouse.

Best holiday destinations in Australia - Stars - Perth

Melbourne – one of the best holiday destinations in Australia

Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia after Sydney and the capital of Victoria. In contrast to many other cities in Australia, the city did not arise from a penal colony, but was planned right from the start as a settlement area. The founders are John Batman and John Pascoe Fawkner. In 1837, Melbourne was named after British Prime Minister William Lamb, Second Viscount Melbourne.
Elegant Victorian houses from the 18th century characterize the cityscape as well as modern buildings such as the Eurek Tower, which at 291 meters is Melbourne’s tallest building.
There are many attractions in the city, including the vast Melbourne Museum with over 16 million items on display, as well as the Museum of Victoria and the National Gallery of Victoria, which exhibits paintings and photographs.
The Victorian Arts Centre, the cultural heart of the city, which was built in the style of the Eiffel Tower, should look familiar to the visitor. Other buildings worth seeing are Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, the Royal Exhibition Buildings and the State Parliament House.
If you want to take a look over the city from above, we recommend the Rialto Tower.
The city is also at the forefront in terms of sport: Every year, visitors and locals enjoy the popular horse race at the Melbourne Cup. Major international events also take place in the city: the tennis Grand Slam tournament of the Australian Open, as well as the start of the Australian Grand Prix in Formula 1.

Best holiday destinations in Australia - Melbourne

Sydney – one of the best holiday destinations in Australia

Sydney is the largest city in Australia and also the capital of New South Wales. It was founded as a penal colony on January 26, 1788 (Australia Day) and named after the then Home Secretary of Great Britain, Thomas Townshend Sydney.

Best holiday destinations in Australia - Sydney

Many sights and attractions await those who vacation in Australia and visit the city. The symbol of the city is the Opera House, built in the shape of a shell or sail, with its operas, theaters, concert hall and various bars, restaurants and a cinema.
Equally famous is the Harbor Bridge, built in 1932, which has a span of 495.6 meters and is one of the longest arch bridges in the world.
The heart of the city is the oldest part of town, The Rocks, on the shores of Sydney Cove. It has been extensively renovated and today the many warehouses contain shops, pubs, bars, museums, cafes, theaters and much more.
Other sights include the State Theatre, where the famous Sydney Film Festivals take place, and the 305 meter high Sydney Tower, whose viewing platform offers a fantastic view over the entire city. Equally interesting is the Victorian district of Paddington, right next to Taronga Zoo, one of the most beautiful animal parks in the world.
Culturally, the Art Gallery of New South Wales offers a wide collection of works of art from the Gothic to the present day, as well as the Australian Museum, the largest natural history museum in Australia. And if you want to learn something about the history of the city during your Australia vacation, you will find it in the Museum of Sydney.

Holiday Destination Australia Sydney Skyline

Top places to visit for nature and wildlife of best holiday destinations in Australia

Visiting the best holiday destinations in Australia means above all getting to know nature. Before you embark on your acation in Australia, it’s important to know that it’s a land of contrasts. So does its nature: In the north there are tropical grass and tree savannahs, as well as rainforest and mangrove forests in the coastal areas and in the north of Queensland.
In the south there are large acacia and evergreen eucalyptus forests, which also extend to the east, south-east and south-west of the country. This bushland is also known as “Scrub” by the Australians.

Best holiday destinations in Australia - Bird

The interior and the western part are drier. There are mainly wide deserts and steppes.
In addition, the holiday destination Australia has over 7000 beaches, many of them almost untouched and many larger lakes that only have water at certain times, as well as a number of imposing mountain ranges.
Many of the native animal species are only found in Australia, such as the kangaroo, whose biodiversity is estimated at around 40 million. The continent is also characterized by a wealth of plants of around 25,000 species (for comparison: there are only 17,500 in Europe) and around 800 different bird species.
However, as many of the native animals and natural areas are threatened with extinction, they are protected by a number of laws to be aware of when holidaying in Australia. There are reserves and nature reserves, including the Great Barrier Reef. Also, all whale species off Australia’s shores are protected by law.

Nature and wildlife - vacation in Australia

Activities of the best holiday destinations in Australia

If you want to do something during your vacation in Australia, you will find plenty of interesting offers. Various leisure activities are offered in almost all cities, such as a climb to the Sydney Harbor Bridge at a height of 134 meters, which offers a fantastic view over the country from far up. If you want to go even higher, you can fly over Heart Reef, a heart-shaped coral formation near the Great Barrier Reef.
But even with solid ground under your feet, there is a lot to experience in Australia: Swimming with dolphins on the west coast of Australia or watching whales from the beach or boat can be a unique holiday experience.
Many wildlife and theme parks also offer the opportunity to experience Australian wildlife up close.
Sport is very popular with Australians and is offered everywhere: The offer extends to many different sports, starting with various water sports such as diving, surfing, swimming and white water rafting, to the traditional sports activities such as football (soccer) and tennis , cricket, horse racing, hiking or the annual 14km Sydney City to Surf fun run.
There is also plenty on offer for winter fans, because Australia’s mountains offer skiers fabulous slopes for downhill skiing. Four-wheel drive vehicles and mountain bikes are also provided for independent exploration of the mountain regions.

Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

Food & drink in the holiday destinations in Australia

Australian cuisine is shaped by many influences, especially from the Mediterranean region, England and Asia. It is now one of the most diverse national cuisines in the world.
Also today more and more local ingredients used by the Aborigines are used. These are called “Bush Tucker” or “Bush Style”.
The so-called “meat pies” (pies with minced meat) and “sausage rolls” (sausages wrapped in puff pastry) are typically Australian and can be bought on practically every street corner.
Equally popular in the coastal regions are seafood and a variety of fruits and vegetables that Australians grow themselves. Kangaroo meat, which has a very low fat content and tastes like game, as well as crocodile, buffalo and emu meat are also available everywhere. Be careful with the “bug”, because these are edible Australian bugs that are also popular on menus.
However, the holiday destination Australia is best known for its honey and wine exports, as well as Bundy, a high-proof rum made from sugar cane.
The prices are quite cheap, but the serving of alcohol is strictly regulated: Without an alcohol license, bars are not allowed to serve alcohol, but they offer the “BYO” (“bring your own”), so that every customer can bring their own alcoholic drink to the restaurants .

Sydney Opera House Restaurant

Best time for visiting the best holiday destinations in Australia

The best holiday destinations in Australia are characterized by very different climate zones. The north is tropical while the south has a temperate climate. In between there is a subtropical area.
From November to April there is a heat low in northern Australia, which causes heavy rainfall. This rainy season is also known as “The Wet” and road closures can occur during these months due to the heavy rainfall. Especially on the Ord, Fitzroy and Victoria Rivers, the highway can be closed for long periods if the bridges there are flooded.
The south of Australia is in the subtropical high-pressure belt from November to April and is therefore mostly immune to precipitation. It is different in the winter half-year, which runs from May to October. At this time, the north is largely free of precipitation, while heavy rainfall occurs in the south, which lies in the westerly wind zone. The interior of the country, on the other hand, remains mostly dry all year round. In very hot summers, bush fires can occur.
Three weather phenomena are primarily responsible for the climate: the trade wind zone, the tropical low pressure belt and the subpolar west winds.

Gold Cost

How to get to your holiday destinations in Australia

A valid passport is required for an Australia vacation or trip. In addition, a visa for the duration of the stay must be applied for. This can be issued as a so-called electronic entry permit (ETA) and can be applied for at the travel agency together with the flight ticket. The ETA is valid for twelve months and allows a maximum stay of three months in Australia.
Important: for a stopover in an Asian country, the passport must be valid for at least six months.
In February 2003, security controls at airports were tightened due to the worldwide threat of terrorism. An entry form for the customs administration must also be filled out for a flight to Australia. Furs, skins, flowers, plants, seeds, drugs and weapons may not be imported. Likewise certain foods such as nuts, fruit and dairy products. Because the holiday destination Australia is unique in its environment, these quarantine measures are very important to its preservation.
The following may be imported per person (from the age of 18): gifts and goods with a value of up to 900 $A, as well as 2250 ml of alcohol and 250 cigarettes or 250 g of tobacco products.
When leaving Australia, a so-called departure tax of 38.00 $A must be paid, but this is usually already included in the flight price. There is currently no vaccination requirement for a trip to Australia.

Best holiday destinations in Australia - Stars

Entry requirements of holiday destinations in Australia

For the entry to the holiday destinations in Australia you need a visa, which is issued in the form of a so-called ETA as an electronic entry permit. The ETA no longer requires a stamp or a visa sticker in your passport. This electronic entry permit is valid for 12 months and allows you to stay in Australia for a maximum of three months. You can get the ETA when booking the trip via the travel agency get, whereby the Australian side usually does not incur any costs in the form of fees. Only the travel agency can charge a processing fee. If the traveler applies for the ETA himself online, fees will be charged by the Australian side. Important: Australia recognizes most EU child passports. However, these must be valid for the entire stay. However, the provider assumes no liability for the correctness, completeness and topicality of the content provided.

Twelve Apostles

Twelve Apostles

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