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Placed just off the southern tip of Malaysia the amazing city of Singapore is every visitor retreat and one of the world’s most visited cities. The island city-state is a captivating destination that combines modernity with tradition. Food, culture and identity is influenced by Malay, Chinese, Indian and European cultures. The dynamic city is full of remarkable elements which would actually be an experience of a lifetime. Along with the colourful day time the nightlife of Singapore has a personality of its own. You really have to be there to fully be a part of the stunning vibe of Singapore. The best place for family holiday, honeymoon holiday or an outing with your group of friends, this island city has something for every person. If you are looking for a city location to visit with plenty of attractions to hit up, then the holiday destination Singapore is the holiday place you are looking for.

Destination Singapore Travel Guide

Marina Bay Sands Resort has the highest swimming pool in the world.

Facts and figures of holiday destination Singapore

Area: 733.1 km2 (283.1 sq mi)
Country: Singapore
Official languages: English, Malay, Mandarin, Tamil
International Airport: Singapore Changi International Airport
Population (2022): Approximately 5,637,00 million
Currency: Singapore dollar (S$ SGD)
Government: Unitary dominant-party parliamentary republic
Religion: 31.1% Buddhis, 20.0% No religion, 18.9% Christianity, 15.6% Islam, 8.8% Taoism, 5.0% Hinduism and 0.6% Others
Driving side: left
International dialing code for Singapore: +65

National Holidays:
1 Jan Sat New Year’s Day
1 Feb Tue Chinese New Year
2 Feb Wed Chinese New Year Holiday
15 Apr Fri Good Friday
1 May Sun Labour Day
2 May Mon Labour Day Holiday
3 May Tue Hari Raya Puasa
15 May Sun Vesak Day
16 May Mon Vesak Day Holiday
10 Jul Sun Hari Raya Haji
11 Jul Mon Hari Raya Haji Holiday
9 Aug Tue National Day
24 Oct Mon Deepavali
25 Dec Sun Christmas Day
26 Dec Mon Christmas Holiday

Emergency numbers: Police, 999. Police Hotline, 1800 255 0000. Fire / Ambulance, 995. Samaritans Of Singapore (SOS), 1800 221 4444
Time zone: UTC+8 (Singapore Standard Time)
Average temperature: May and June has the highest average monthly temperature (27.8ºC) and December and January are the coolest (26.0ºC)
Entry requirements: Visa and valid passport

Destination Singapore


• Singapore was known as Singapura, which translates as Lion City in Sanskrit, by a Sumatran Price.
• Singapore is a capital and a state making it one of only 3 cities in the planet. The other two are Vatican City and Monaco.
• Singapore developed rapidly from a low to a high-income country and is a leading international financial centre.
• It is one of the world’s greenest cities with about half of its land.
• The Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix made history as the first Formula one night race.
• The holiday destinations in Singapore are made of up 1 large island 63 little, mostly uninhabited, surrounding islands.
• Singapore imports sand and fresh water from Malaysia.
• Placed in the Gardens by the Bay the Flower Dome is the planet biggest glass greenhouse.
• Singapore has the world’s tallest inside waterfall, which is a towering thirty-five meters high. It is in Gardens by the Bay, which is an inside garden housing over 500,000 plants from across the planet.



History of holiday destination Singapore

It is trusted that Singapore was founded by a price from Sumatra when he landed on the island and saw a lucky lion. Assuming it to be a best omen, he founded a city there and named it Singapura which translates to the Lion city. There is no recorded proof of this personality but it has been told for centuries. Anyway, Singapore then was a little trading port with a little population until the European settlement.

It was 1945 when Singapore separated from Malaysia. In 1954, the People Action Party was made and it drove the Singaporean politics quickly to the extent that is 1955, a country constitution was introduced. In 1959, Singapore became a self-government state under the British administration with the leader of the People Action Party, and then Lee Kuan Yew became a prime minister.


Culture, customs and traditions of holiday destination Singapore

The holiday destination Singapore has 4 official languages: Malay, English, Tamil and Mandarin. Singaporeans are generally multilingual. That being said, it can be tricky for international students to talk with locals at the starting. Indeed, English is the official and commonly used language, but Singapore mostly uses Singapore English.

Due to its long history of cross-cultural influence, immigration and seaside ports, Singaporean cuisine is an amazing fusion of different ingredients and tastes. Food has become vital to the national identify in Singapore. Don’t be shocked if food becomes a topic of conversation or if you are invited to share meals with acquaintances and friends. With many cultures coming together, Singaporeans are also extremely sensitive to dietary restrictions. So, whether you are vegetarian or don’t eat certain foods based on your religion, you will still be capable to find restaurant that can cater to you.

Destination Singapore Travel Guide

Climate of holiday destination Singapore

The republic of Singapore is a small state/city island placed at the tip of the Malay Peninsula, 85 miles north of the Equator. It is a flat country of 250 square miles with a highest elevation of 581 feet. As its widest point it calculates 26 miles from east to West and fourteen miles north to south.

Vegetation is tropical and lush. Seasons are nonexistent. In this “land of Eternal Summer,” the mean high temperature is 90F and varies little from month to month. Humidity is high (average seventy percent), and yearly rainfall is about 96 inches. Dry and wet seasons are not distinct, but November through February is cooler and wetter than other months.

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Events and festivals of holiday destination Singapore

Festivals in Singapore are a real reflection of the amazingly diversity of this little city-state. The people of Singapore are comprised of different culture, ethnicities, and religious backgrounds, and the festivals across the island cater for all.

Destination Singapore Travel Guide

Rain Vortex – World’s Tallest Indoor Waterfall


Pongal is a 4 day period festival, which is celebrated largely in Southern India. The Indians in Singapore also celebrate it with grandeur at the starting of the auspicious month of Thai. This festival is celebrated as a thank you to the God sun, Surya, for the harvest and the riches of life. During Pongal, Little India is lit up with many events and rivals. People also exchanged gifts and wear new clothes during this Singapore festival.

Destination Singapore Pongal

Chinese New Year

The first day of Chinese New Year, also called as the Spring Festival in Singapore, falls on the new moon day. The Lunar New Year is of great importance to the Chinese who clean their homes to get rid of the ill or bad fortune and make way of good luck. The celebration of this big festival in Singapore continues for fourteen days starting on the eve of the New Years. During this time, the Chinese Locals visit their families and decorate their homes with gold and red colours.

New Year

River Hong Bao

The River Hong Bao festival is a yearly fair that takes place at the breezy waterfront area close to the Marina Promenade. The fair is generally built among the theme of the relevant Chinese Zodiac symbol for that coming year. Expect big floats depicting the animals of the Chinese Zodiac, as well as big statues of the Gods of Windom and Fortune, colorful bridges and templates. The stalls will feature the best in crafts and arts, Chinese Calligraphy, and even palm reading, from China and Taiwan.

River Hong Bao

Chingay Parade

The Cingay parade is the largest parade in Singapore. Originating as a procession to mark the Chinese New Year festivities, the parade has evolved into a global event, featuring everything from salsa dancers to Taiwanese acrobats. The atmosphere is definitely carnival-like, as the procession of gymnasts, dancers, and children makes their way from City Hall to Suntec city.

Garden By the Bay

Gardens by the Bay

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