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Cheap Ferry from Entebbe to Mwanza Online Booking

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Ferry Mwanza to Entebbe ferry tickets online booking made easy. Thirty-five kilometres south of Kampala, Entebbe locates on the shore of Lake Victoria. It served as the administrative Uganda capital in the 1960s but now is most popular for being the site of Uganda only international airport. You can book ferry from Entebbe to Mwanza easily online.

Entebbe offers an amazing introduction to Uganda and has a more laid back feel than the capital. Generally visitors would not stay long in Entebbe with an overnight stop before an early or after a late night being the key reasons to stop.

Anyway, if you do have a little more time, a visit to the botanical gardens is very advised. This offers a best introduction to Uganda bird life as well as glimpse of a couple of monkey species, and lots of tree squirrels and is an extremely wonderful and calm place to enjoy a stroll and while away a few hours.

Ferry Mwanza to Entebbe, Uganda FAQs

Is the ferry from Entebbe to Mwanza the affordable way to get to Mwanza?

The affordable way to get from Mwanza ferry to Uganda which costs $70 – $110 and takes 11h 49m.

What is the distance between Entebbe and Mwanza?

The travel distance of ferry out of Mwanza to Entebbe is 290 km.

What is the quickest way to get from Mwanza to Entebbe?

The fastest way to get from Mwanza to Entebbe is to fly which costs $30 – $290 and takes 4h 25m.

How long does it take to ferry from Entebbe to Mwanza?

It takes about 11h 49m to boat Mwanza to Entebbe transfer.

Can I drive from Mwanza to Entebbe?

Yes, the driving distance between Entebbe and Mwanza is 822 km. it takes about 11h 50m to drive from Mwanza to Entebbe.

How to reach Mwanza to Entebbe, Uganda

You can go from Mwanza to Entebbe by either bus or Mwanza ferry to Uganda. The overnight ferry is your top choice if you have time to wait for it but must book your Entebbe to Mwanza ferry tickets advance. You can easily book Mwanza ferry to Uganda.

Tanzania side of Lake Victoria, which will take about three hours if you have the pockets for it or a board cargo ferry service takes about 19 hours between Mwanza to Port Bell and Entebbe.