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Jeddah, is a port city of Saudi Arabia on the Red sea, is a latest commercial center and gateway for pilgrimages to the Islamic holy cities Medina and Mecca. Here are some of the best attractions of the city:

Jeddah waterfront
For centuries, Jeddah served as a vital seaport. Actually, its ports were forever so full of life that it became known as the bride of the red sea. Today, the corniche is still a vital part of life in Jeddah - groups and families of friend flock to this point during the evenings for walks, barbeques, or just to catch the sea breeze.

Al Baik
Saudi Arabia most popular domestic fast food chain, and most if its branches in Jeddah and is a must-try dining experience. Even though, its menu has evolved in recent years to add more choices, consisting of just some fried chicken paired with Baik unique garlic sauce, and still remains the domestic favourite.

Athr Gallery
There a wonderful art scene in Jeddah and Athr Gallery is the best location to get acquainted with it. It is one of Jeddah best contemporary art spaces and regularly hosts exhibitions of montages, photographs, ink drawings, sculpture, scripture, abstract work, and the likes to provide a remarkable platform for Saudi and Arab artists.

Cheap flights Cairo to Jeddah FAQs

How far is Jeddah from Cairo?

The distance of Cairo to Jeddah cheap flights is 1,215 kilometers.

How long is the cheap flights Cairo to Jeddah?

The common Cairo to Jeddah flight time is two hours and thirteen minutes.

How common are Cairo to Jeddah direct flights?

There are 105 Cairo to Jeddah direct flights.

What are the most famous Cairo airlines for direct flights from Cairo to Jeddah?

Egyptair provides thirty-six percent of the non-stop flights between Jeddah and Cairo.

How many airlines fly from Cairo to Jeddah?

There are six airlines who fly Cairo to Jeddah direct.

Cairo to Jeddah flights tips

• The flight distance between Jeddah and Cairo is 1261km.

• There are six airlines that offer Cairo to Jeddah direct flights.

• The most famous airline flying from Cairo to Jeddah is EgyptAir.

• The quickest flight time for direct flights from Cairo to Jeddah is one hours fifteen minutes. The average flight time is two hours twelve minutes.

• The quickest flight time for flights with stopovers is five hours twenty minutes.

• The earliest Cairo to Jeddah flights cheap departs at 00:45. The final flight of the day departs at 23:15.