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Johannesburg, South Africa's biggest city and capital of Gauteng province, start as a nineteen-century gold-mining settlement. Here are some of the best attractions of the city:

StokeCity Adventure Park
A special edition to Gauteng, StokeCity Adventure Park provides water activities for the full family in a tranquil, countryside setting. Enjoy everything from boat-less wakeboarding to water-skiing to the only floating obstacle course in South Africa. Along with amazing water sports, there is also sufficient area to relax.

Red Bus Tour
The most wonderful way to discover Johannesburg is on the roof of a shiny red city sightseeing bus. Hop off, hop on the red bus and pick how you spend your time. The city Sightseeing trip comes with audio commentary accessible in fifteen languages. The tour is a remarkable way to get the top views and vibes of the city of Gold.

Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory
The Centre of Memory can be found at the Nelson Mandela Foundation, a non-revenue organisation started by Madiba in 1999. Visit the present exhibition which targets on photography during the State of Emergency.

Zoo Lake
Take some seeds along and have a wonderful afternoon out a Zoo lake feeding the geese and ducks. You can also rent out a rowboat which fits up to 6 people. You will have a remarkable time padding about.

Cheap flights Cape Town to Johannesburg FAQs

How far is Johannesburg from Cape Town?

The distance of Johannesburg flights from Cape Town is 1263 kilometers.

What is the flight time between Cape Town and Johannesburg?

The average Cape Town to Johannesburg flight time is an hour and fifty-nine minutes.

How common are Cape Town to Johannesburg direct flights?

There are 430 direct flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg.

What are the most famous Cape Town airlines for cheapest flights Cape Town to Johannesburg?

Safair offers 23 percent of the non-stop flights between Johannesburg and Cape Town.

How many Cape Town to Johannesburg flights cheap depart on average per day?

On average 275 flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg depart on average per day.

• Early morning - 12 percent of flight departures

• Morning - thirty-five percent of flight departures

• Afternoon - thirty-three percent of flight departures

• Evening - twenty-one percent of flight departures

Which airlines operate Cape Town to Johannesburg flights?

Flag carriers like British Airways and South African Airways are just 2 of the big airlines that operate Cape Town to Johannesburg flights.