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Bahrain is wonderful country that attracts many visitors visiting the Middle East. It comprises bigger than thirty islands placed in the Persian Gulf. Bahrain specs a best mix of modern Arab culture and very old historic places that reflects amazing Bahrain civilization that is about 5,000 years old. Here are some of the best attractions:


Ensure you visit Al-Fateh is one of the largest mosque in the planet. This big mosque in Bahrain was constructed in 1987. With area of approximately 6,500 Sq.m, it is big enough to occupy bigger than 7,000 individual simultaneously. This remarkable mosque is popular for having the largest fiberglass dome in the planet. You can find that the walls of Al-Fateh are artistically decorated with Kufic calligraphy.

Fort of Bahrain

Qal at al Bahrain or the Fort of Bahrain is the top class as an archaeological place which is placed on the Arabian Peninsula. It earns the status of being one of the UNESCO World Heritage Place in 2005. Ages back, this fort used to be the Dilmun civilization capital. This wonderful fort is known to cover bigger than 1,80,000 sq ft.

Bahrain National Museum

If you are fond of visiting museums, ensure you visit Bahrain National Museum. It is largely famous as the largest public museum in this country with wonderful area of approximately 27,800 sq meters and comprising a couple of buildings.

Cheap flights from Dubai to Bahrain FAQs

How far is Bahrain from Dubai?

The distance of Bahrain flights from Dubai is 486 kilometers.

How long is the Dubai to Bahrain flight?

The common Dubai to Bahrain flight time is an hour and fifteen minutes.

How common are Dubai to Bahrain direct flights?

There are 105 direct flights from Dubai to Bahrain.

What are the most famous Dubai airlines for Dubai to Bahrain direct flights?

Gulf Air provides 46 percent of the non-stop flights between Bahrain and Dubai.

How many airlines fly Dubai to Bahrain cheap?

There are five airlines who fly non-stop between Bahrain and Dubai.

Cheap flights from Dubai to Bahrain tips

• Dubai is 3030 miles from Bahrain.

• There are thirty-two weekly flights from Dubai to Bahrain.

• Thirty non-stop flights are operating cheap flights from Dubai to Bahrain.

• Emirates has the most nonstop flights between Dubai and Bahrain.

• Muscat, Oman - Seeb is the most famous link for one stop flights between Bahrain and Dubai.

• The common flight time for a direct flight from Dubai to Bahrain is one hour fifteen minutes.