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Whether you are looking for somewhere to enjoy after climbing Kilimanjaro or just want to hang out in an Island paradise, Zanzibar Island has lot to offer. Here are some of the best attractions of Zanzibar island.

Stone Town

As a trading center, the island has lots of cultural influences from traders and colonizers from Arab and India. Slavery also affected the Island as it was used as a port to send slaves abroad while 100s of slaves also worked on plantations on the island.

It is a combination of Arabic, African, and colonial styles all packed in 1 city. Because of the special influences, Stone Town was actually declared a UNESCO World Heritage place in 2000.

Old Fort

This is actually what the name says it is! Take a look around a special piece of history and check out the Old Fort. This is an old detail built by the Omani Arabs in 1699. 

A more recent addition to this old fort is an exterior amphitheatre where you can watch domestic shows or other events. You can ask at the visitor information desk at the front if there are any upcoming events that could fit into your Zanzibar Island travel plans.

Cheap flights from Dubai to Zanzibar FAQs

How far is Zanzibar from Dubai?

The distance of cheap flights from Dubai to Zanzibar is 3,907 kilometers.

How long is the cheapest flights Dubai to Zanzibar?

The common Dubai to Zanzibar flight time is five hours and fifty minutes.

How common are Dubai to Zanzibar direct flights?

There are thirteen direct flights from Dubai to Zanzibar.

What are the most famous Dubai airlines for cheap flights from Dubai to Zanzibar direct?

FlyDubai offers hundred percent of the non-stop cheap flights between Zanzibar and Dubai.

How many airlines operate between Dubai and Zanzibar?

There is one airline that fly Dubai to Zanzibar direct.

How many airports are there in Zanzibar Island?

There is 1 airport in Zanzibar: Zanzibar.

Cheap flights from Dubai to Zanzibar tips

• Dubai is 2,434 miles from Zanzibar Island.

• There are four daily flights from Dubai to Zanzibar Island.

• There are four weekly flights from Dubai to Zanzibar Island.

• Four non-stop flights are operating from Dubai to Zanzibar Island.

• Flydubai has the most nonstop flights between Zanzibar Island and Dubai.

• Nairobi, Kenya - Jomo Kenyatta Intl is the most famous link for one stop Zanzibar flights from Dubai.

• The average Dubai to Zanzibar Island flight time is five hours and fifty minutes.