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Cape Town is a charming, vibrant city at the very end of the African Continent in South Africa, with Cape Town attractions for the full family to enjoy. This city has been a famous place for vacationers for many years, and is the center of activity and seaside fun. All the suburbs are amazing and have some type of history which you can explore on various tours. Here are some of the best attractions of Cape Town:

Table Mountain    
The most wonderful landmark in South Africa, Table Mountain is flat topped mountain overlooking the big city. With over 24 million tourists each year, this landscape will definitely blow your mind away.

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens
Right to the east of Table mountain, likes the wonderfully green Botanical Gardens. Also a UNESCO World Heritage place, these botanical gardens are visited pretty frequently all round the year.

Clifton and Camps Bay beaches
Almost six kilometres away from the busy city center, Clifton and the Camps Bay beaches attract lots of visitors.  It is pricey are with some of the most luxury real estate built along the wonderful white sand beaches, attracting foreigners and locals alike.

Signal Hill
Signal hill is just a couple of steps away from the city center. Climb up to the zenith and experience the magnificent views of the full capital with its wonderful blue Atlantic Ocean, and table bay.

Durban Cape Town flights FAQs

How long is the Durban to Cape Town flight?

The flights Durban to Cape Town is 2 hour 16 minutes long. Indirect flights can take up to twelve hours.

How many flights departs from Durban to Cape Town per day?

• Thirty-three Durban to Cape Town cheap flights departures per day on average.
• Early morning - twelve percent flight departures
• Morning - thirty-nine percent of flight departures
• Afternoon - forty-five percent of flight departures
• Evening - three percent of flight departures

How long does the Durban to Cape Town flights cheap take?

When flying direct, guess to fly for approximately three hours. The travel distance is about 795 kilometers.

Which airlines operate Durban to Cape Town flights?

Mango Airlines offer the most direct flight between Cape Town and Durban, followed by Safair, British Airway and Kulula.

Which airports serve Cape Town and Durban?

Planes fly from Durban International Airport to Cape Town Airport.

Which flight route between Cape Town and Durban is affordable?

British Airways and Mango Airlines generally offer the cheapest flights Durban to Cape Town.