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The Capital of Zambia - Lusaka is one surprising and value-visiting city of this country that also serves to be the home of a big variety of fascinations and attractions.

If you head towards the showground of the city, you will get a chance to visit Henry Tayali Gallery that is very famous for exhibiting the artwork of local people and artisans. The special and professional masterpieces are sufficient to leave any one in awe an d the full gallery is well stocked with extremely distinguished type of art. For all those people who are with their families are in search of extreme fun and amusement, the Munda Wanga Environment Park is the best location for them. It is a wildlife Park, Sanctuary, Environment education Center, botanical garden as well and the recreational Village as well. This attraction was established in 1956 and while the passage of time it became the most-visited place of the city. The big attractions of the park are the 20 baboons and a baby elephant whose name is Phoenix.

There is a wildlife ranch as well that is named as Lilayi Lodge - it provides you a game derive and the chance of your life to get up close and personal with the wild animals of the area.

Cheap Flights from Harare to Lusaka FAQs

How far is Lusaka from Harare?

The distance of cheapest flights Harare to Lusaka is 402 kilometers.

How long is the Lusaka flights from Harare?

The normal Harare to Lusaka flight time is an hour.

How common are Harare to Lusaka direct flights?

There are twenty-six direct flights from Harare to Lusaka.

What are the most famous Harare airlines for direct flights from Harare to Lusaka?

Ethiopian Airlines offers twenty-six percent of the non-stop flights between Lusaka and Harare.

How many cheap flights from Harare to Lusaka departs on average per day?

On average twenty-six flights depart from Harare to Lusaka per day.

• Morning - eight percent of flight departures

• Afternoon - seventy-nine percent of flight departures

• Evening - thirteen percent of flight departures