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Dar es Salaam past has left a remarkable mark on its food, architecture and ethnic makeup - there are Asian flavours, an unmistakable Arabian influence and remnants of colonial West. Indeed, the city was once a vital hub for the slave trade, and visitors can learn about the city's history at the National Museum.

Udzungwa Mountains National Park
For the adventurous and bold, this national park has wonderful view and friendly local guides to lead the way. Placed 5 hours north of Dar es Salaam, this park makes for amazing weekend trip of hiking and exploring the charming Tanzanian wilderness.

Village Museum
Established in 1996, this museum presents over a dozen different kinds of traditional Tanzanian huts. The museum is interactive because you can enter and discover the huts, and there are also music and dance performance accessible for an extra price. Placed about 6 miles north of the city centre, it is a best place to go to learn more about rural Tanzania traditions and customs.

Mwenge Woodcarvers Market
A remarkable location to buy souvenirs, this park specs dozens of open-air stalls selling a big range of products, but it is top famous for its wood carvings and sculptures. Be sure to take a look around before buying so you know your choices, and do not be afraid to bargain.

Iringa Dar es Salaam flights FAQs

What is the distance between Iringa and Dar es Salaam?

The distance of Iringa to Dar es Salaam cheap flights is 243 miles.

What is the average Iringa to Dar es Salaam flight time?

The average flying distance from cheapest flights Iringa to Dar es Salaam is 400km, the route is covered in 1hr 30 min. the route heads pretty north of east, over the tip of the Uzungwa Mountain National Park and then across the rich game Mikumi National Park with its Uluguru Mountains holding center area.

What is the Iringa to Dar es Salaam flights cheap on average per day?

With a minimum of two daily morning flights some days flights Iringa to Dar es Salaam, there are only a couple of scheduled choices for the visitors wishing to fly from Iringa in the southern highlands to the Dar es Salaam commercial capital on the Indian Ocean coastline.

Which airline offer Dar es Salaam flights from Iringa?

Here are regular cheap flights Iringa to Dar es Salaam from Auric Air fly daily.