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Mbombela, formerly Nelspruit, is the Mpumalanga province South Africa capital. It is a gateway to Krunger National Park, home to rhinos, zebras, elephants and other wildlife. Here are some of the best attractions of Nelspruit:

Sedwala Caves
Travel around Sudwala Caves, a dolomite cave structure 241 million years old and famous for its mineral rock creations turning ceiling and floors into natural works of art. Hour-long guided trips take visitors into the biggest chamber, generally used as a concert venue. If you are feeling more adventurous, you can join a 6 hour caving experience that involves crawling via tight areas and climbing the rocky cave walls.

Lowveld National Botanical Garden
Boating over two-thousand plant species and one of the biggest collections of cycads in Africa, the garden play a vital role in preserving the range of wildlife in the area. View wonderful yellow bush lilies, civias, scarlet flame creepers, then cross a suspension bridge to soak in some wonderful scenery.

Jane Goodall Chimpanzee Eden Sanctuary
Spanning 1,000 ha, the sanctuary serves as a famous visitor attraction, where you can take an hour-long trip to get a glimpse into the life of chimps. Watch the trainers attracting the primates to learn their forest expertise, and observe chimps relaxing, playing,  and running around the enclosures.

Cheap Johannesburg to Nelspruit flights

How far is Nelspruit from Johannesburg?

The distance of Nelspruit flights from Johannesburg is 297 kilometers.

How long is the Johannesburg to Nelspruit cheap flights?

The common Johannesburg to Nelspruit flight time is 48 minutes.

How common are Johannesburg to Nelspruit direct flights?

There are forty-five Johannesburg to Nelspruit direct flights.

What are the most famous Johannesburg airlines for Johannesburg to Nelspruit direct flights?

South African Airways provides hundred percent of the non-stop flights between Nelspruit and Johannesburg.

How many Johannesburg to Nelspruit flights depart on average per day?

Fifteen flights departures from Johannesburg to Nelspruit on average per day.

• Morning - sixty percent of flight departures

• Afternoon - thirty-three percent of flight departures

• Evening - seven percent of flight departures

Cheapest flights Johannesburg to Nelspruit tips

• Johannesburg is 185 miles from Nelspruit

• There are 15 daily Johannesburg to Nelspruit cheap flights.

• There are 30 weekly flights from Johannesburg to Nelspruit.

• 7 non-stop flights are operating from Johannesburg to Nelspruit.

• South African Airways has the most nonstop Johannesburg to Nelspruit flights cheap.

• Cape Town, South Africa - Cape Town Intl is the most famous link for one stop flights between Nelspruit and Johannesburg.