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Windhoek is the Namibia capital, in the country's central highlands. If you find yourself with some valuable time on your hands, here are the top attractions to be enjoyed in what is one of Africans cleanest cities.

Christuskirche (Christ Church)
This historic Lutheran church is one of the best attractions in the city. Its Art Nouveau architectural style and stained glass windows are very attractive and visitors can just admire the building or book a guided trip.

Heroes’ Acre
This landmark celebrates Namibian national identify and independence and was, ironically, designed by North Korea. The imposing statue represents all the countrymen who died in the fight for independence against colonial rule, and stands on sanctified ground.

Parliament Gardens
Windhoek is famous as the cleanest cities in Africa and it is absolute joy to laze away some time in any of its pristine and lush parks. The Parliament Gardens are little yet peaceful and contain Namibia first post-independence moment, a bronze-cash Hosea Kutako statue.

Avis Dam Nature Reserve
Placed on the outskirts of Windhoek, this little dam was built in 1933 by South African colonialists. It is remarkable place to escape from the sounds of the city for a white and is blessed with colorful and plentiful birdlife.

Johannesburg Windhoek flights FAQs

How long is the flight between Johannesburg and Windhoek?

Direct flights Johannesburg to Windhoek are around two hours long.

How long does the Johannesburg to Windhoek flight take?

Your journey will take about two hours. Your flight will cover a distance of approximately 724 kilometers.

How many cheapest flights Johannesburg to Windhoek depart on average per day?

37 flight departure from Johannesburg to Windhoek per day on average.

• Early morning - eight percent of flight departures

• Morning - forty-six percent of flight departures

• Afternoon - twenty-two percent of flight departures

• Evening - twenty-four percent of flight departures

Which airlines operate Johannesburg to Windhoek cheap flights?

South African Airways, Air Namibia, and British Airways all provide direct Johannesburg to Windhoek flights cheap.

Which airports serve flights between Windhoek and Johannesburg?

Most Johannesburg to Windhoek flights take off from Tambo International Airport. You might also find the odd flight travels from a private artifacts known as Lanceria International Airport. All flights fly and land in Hosea International Airport in Windhoek.

How frequent are flight between Windhoek and Johannesburg?

Up to six direct flights take off a day.