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Find and book cheap flight tickets from Kisumu to Nairobi. Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya, and promises to deliver one of the best holidays to you by booking your cheap flights from Kisumu to Nairobi. Here are some of the best attractions of this famous city:

The railway Museum in Nairobi imparts the history of the location. A big display of the locomotives and the railways engines are showed here which were used during the colonial age.

Nairobi National Museum is another amazing place to view and explore and value visiting, upon arranging cheap Kisumu to Nairobi cheap flights as the country Kenya is known to actually display the meaning of the cradle of mankind and here in this Museum you get to view the human foot prints from the primary phases of human civilization.

The Snake Park is another amazing place here where you get a chance to view the poisonous most and the deadly snakes of the planet. Abreast, a rare species of crocodiles too are found here.

Another park placed at the center of the city is the Uhuru Park and in this park, speeches and rallies are held and some monuments pertaining to Kenya independence are also preserved here. The park is a copy of a green facet, where you get to find green grass and green trees all around.

Cheap flights from Kisumu to Nairobi FAQs

How long is the Nairobi to Kisumu flights?

The average kisumu to Nairobi flight time is fifty minutes.

How far is Nairobi from Kisumu?

The distance from Kisumu to Nairobi flights is 268 kilometers.

How common are direct Kisumu to Nairobi flights?

There are eighty-nine direct flights from Kisumu to Nairobi.

What are the most famous Kisumu airlines for direct cheap flights from Kisumu to Nairobi?

Kenya Airways offers 32 percent of the non-stop cheap flights from Kisumu to Nairobi.

Best time to book cheap flights from Kisumu to Nairobi

Generally the Kisumu to Nairobi flight time is 2 months in advance. And the cheap days to fly are Wednesday, Tuesday, and Saturday.

Tips for cheap flights from Kisumu to Nairobi 

• Kisumu, Kenya is 176 miles from Nairobi

• There are fifteen daily flights from Kisumu to Nairobi.

• There are twenty-seven flights from Kisumu to Nairobi.

• Twenty-one non-stop flights are operating from Kisumu to Nairobi.

• Fly540 has the most direct cheap flights from Kisumu to Nairobi.

• Edoret, Kenya - Eldoret International Airport is one of the most famous link for one stop flights between Nairobi and Kisumu.