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An exotic heaven in the African tropics in what comes in mind when people think of Mombasa. The cosmopolitan visitor hub is packed with lots of fun-filled activities and boasts remarkable sites that promise you will never get bored. Here are some of the best attractions of Mombasa:

Haller Park

Formerly famous as Bamburi Natural Trail, Haller Park is a hit with animal lovers and bird enthusiasts. Take your family over and explore wildlife exhibitions of cape buffaloes, giraffes, waterbucks, zebras, and hippos. And do not forget the popular inter-species who become an internet sensation after the 130-year-old tortoise, Mzee. More than 169 species of birds also called the park home.

Mombasa’s Elephant Tusks

A tour to Mombasa is incomplete unless you take an image next to the popular Mombasa Elephant Tusks. Placed in the city center along Moi Avenue, the tucks were built in 1952 to commemorate Queen Elizabeth's visit.

Mamba Village Center

Take benefit of the chance to view East Africa's biggest crocodile farm at Mamba Village Center. Not only will you acquire superior knowledge of these amazing reptiles, but you can also ride on horseback and admire the charming botanical garden and its aquarium. The garden exhibits flowering orchids, carnivorous species and aquatic plants.

Cheap flights from Lamu to Mombasa FAQs

How far is Mombasa from Lamu?

The distance of cheap flights from Lamu to Mombasa is 244 kilometers.

How long is the cheapest flights Lamu to Mombasa?

The average Lamu to Mombasa flight time is thirty minutes.

How common are Lamu to Mombasa direct flights?

There are twenty-one direct flights from Mombasa to Lamu.

What are the most famous airline for cheap flights from Lamu to Mombasa?

SBK offers thirty-three percent of the non-stop flights between Lamu and Mombasa.

How many airlines offer Lamu to Mombsa flights?

There are two airlines who fly Mombasa flights from Lamu.

Cheap flights from Lamu to Mombasa tips

• Lamu is 153 miles from Mombasa.

• There are two weekly flights from Lamu to Mombsa.

• Two non-stop flights are operating from Lamu to Mombasa.

• Skyward Express has the most nonstop flights between Lamu and Mombasa.

• Four direct flights are operating from Lamu to Mombsa.

• Skyward Express has the most direct flights between Lamu and Mombasa.

• Ukunda, Kenya - Ukunda Airport is the most famous link for one stop flights between Lamu and Mombasa.

• The average flying time from Lamu to Mombsa is 0 hour and thirty minutes.