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Eldoret is one of the quickest growing towns in the country that has a lot of natural beauty for the people to explore. The town is initially the home to the local people and has only become a visit attraction recently. Here are some of the best attractions:

Kerio Valley

The Kerio Valley is a place that should explored when you visit Eldoret. This valley is placed at an elevation of one-thousand meters and is a part of the Great Rift Valley. The valley is placed by the Kerio River and is one of the most charming locations for the nature lovers. You can find semi-tropical vegetations growing at different locations maintained nurseries on your hike.

Nandi Hills

The Nandi Hills is another attraction in the region of Eldoret town. You will have to take a hike up the hills to admire the charming tea estate that have been maintained by the domestic people of Nandi county. The tea estate looks wonderful from the top.

Vegetable and fruit market

One of the top weekly attractions of Eldoret is its open-air vegetable and fruits market. The market is packed with fresh vegetables and fruits that have been grown in the domestic farms. You will find all types of local vegetables and fruits at a reasonable price.

Cheap Flights from Lodwar to Eldoret FAQs

What is the distance between Lodwar and Eldoret?

The distance of cheap flights from Lodwar to Eldoret is 291 kilometers.

What is the flight time of Lodwar to Eldoret?

Oh 30min is the average Lodwar to Eldoret flight time.

How many airlines offer Lodwar to Eldoret direct flights?

There are two airlines who fly Lodwar to Eldoret direct.

How many flights fly from Lodwar to Eldoret on average per week?

There are twenty cheapest flights Lodwar to Eldoret per week.

Which airlines offer cheap flights from Lodwar to Eldoret?

Famous airlines fly from Lodwar to Eldoret are Fly540 and Skyward Express.

Cheap Flights from Lodwar to Eldoret tips

• The quickest flight time for Eldoret to Lodwar flights from Lodwar to Eldoret is thirty-five minutes. The average flight time is forty-two minutes.

• The earliest flight of the day departs at 09:30. The final flight of the day departs at 16:00.

• If you travel with a plane from Lodwar to Eldoret, it takes thirty-two minutes to arrive.

• Distance from Eldoret to Lodwar is about 300 kilometers.

• The nearest airport to Eldoret, is Eldoret Airport and the closest airport to Lodwar, is Lodwar Airport.