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Johannesburg is a huge among travel agents and number of agents expert in Johannesburg holidays. Several travel agents in UK provides affordable holiday packages to the city that caters to different demands and tastes. Holiday packages, incorporating London to Johannesburg flights, are so famous among holiday makers because the city specs a plethora of charming and amazing attractions.

Johannesburg Zoo

Founded in 1904, Johannesburg Zoo is a sweet testament to the legendary African wildlife. The premier zoo houses more than two-thousand animals in its premises. More than the showcasing of animals, the zoo is popular for being a primer center for animal husbandry and enrichment.

God Reef city

Gold Reef City is the location to be in Johannesburg. The location is full of amazing rides and games for kids, as well as myriad of food stalls.

Johannesburg Art Gallery

The Johannesburg city is actually not little of intellectual yet dynamic attractions. The popular Johannesburg Art Gallery of a splendid collection of popular works by international and national artists. Few of the exhibits that are showed in Johannesburg Art Gallery date as far back as the fifteen century.


Historical and cultural aficionados just dig the city of Johannesburg. The city specs a big range of museums that depict a host of artefacts and relics that represent different eras and fields.

Cheap Flights from London to Johannesburg FAQs

What is the best cheap flights from London to Johannesburg time?

Usually the top time to book London to Johannesburg flights is 2 months in advance. And the cheapest fly are Wednesday, Tuesday, Saturdays. Sunday is the most expensive.

How many London to Johannesburg direct flights?

There are thirty-five direct cheap flights from London to Johannesburg.

What is the most famous airline for non-stop cheap flights from London to Johannesburg?

British Airways offer sixty of the non-stop flights between London and Johannesburg.

What is the London to Johannesburg distance?

A direct flight take up to eleven hours, covering a distance of 3,510 miles.

How many flights departs from Johannesburg to London on average per day?

On average fifty-eight flights depart from Johannesburg to London per day.

• Early morning - seven percent of flight departures

• Morning - thirty-eight percent of flight departures

• Afternoon - forty-seven percent of flight departu res

• Evening - nine percent of flight departures

Which airlines fly from London to Johannesburg?

At present ten airlines are presently servicing direct flight to Johannesburg from London, including Air Canada, American Airlines, and Finnair.