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Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya which is placed in the eastern Africa. The city is placed on the coast of Nairobi River. The word Nairobi has been derived from the expression, "Enkare Nyirobi' which means 'chill waters" in Massai language. You can easily book your London to Nairobi ticket through internet. There are a number of locations to visit for visitors in Nairobi. Some of the most famous visitors spots there are:

The Nairobi National Museum

The Nairobi National Museum is one of the big highlights of the location. It showcases Kenya rich heritage with 4 distinct themes representing Kenya's nature, culture, and contemporary arts.

Massai Markets

One can also get a feel of life in Nairobi in famous Massai markets. You can visit these affordable and traditional markets can bargain on the coast but you pay visit there along with an experienced guide.

The Nairobi National Park

If you are interested in big animals, this park is actually must do activity. One can enjoy the Rhino, Giraffe, Lions, Guinea fowl, Zebra, water vultures etc. Visitors can take the services of expert guides and enjoy this special African Safari.

Ngong Hills

You can feel the adrenaline line rush in Nairobi too with a hike to close by Ngong Hills. There are charming peaks placed southwest to the city. It takes about 1 hour to reach here from Nairobi.

Cheap flights from London to Nairobi FAQs

How many flights from London to Nairobi are accessibly weekly?

321 weekly flights from London to Nairobi.

How many airlines fly from London to Nairobi?

Nineteen airlines fly London to Nairobi

How long is a direct cheap flights from London to Nairobi take?

A direct flight from London to Nairobi is generally takes approximately eight hours, thirty-five minutes to cover the 4,274 mile distance. The longest flights on this route generally take 19 hours, and on average this is fourteen hours, nine minutes.

What airlines fly from London to Nairobi?

At present seven airlines currently servicing cheap flights from Nairobi to London, including KLM, American Airlines, Air France.

Tips for cheap flights from London to Nairobi

• Nairobi main season is February and January when it is dry and warm. June to September is also a famous time.

• The 2 wet seasons are March to May and October to December, with the most rain from April to May. The city much silent and affordable these periods, yet there is no ample rain to stop you from getting out and around.