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Kenya tropical island, Lamu Archipelago is one of the most charming locations you can visit in your lifetime. The Lamu Archipelago consists of different islands, which spread for about 100km north of Lamu Island. The most important of them are Manda with the little Manda toto off its northern Shore, Kiwayu and Pate. Here are the best attractions of Lamu:

Lamu Fort

This big multi-storied building with a central courtyard dates back to 1813, shortly after Lamu success over Mombasa and Pate in the battle of Shela.
The Fort has several different objectives over the years from housing a garrison of Baluchi soldiers sent by the Sultan of Oman to serving a prison from 1910 to 1985 before it was taken over by the Kenya National Museums.

Lamu Museum

Palced on the waterfront next to the town jetty, it is the second biggest building in Lamu old Town after Lamu Fort.
The building was actually owned by Abdallah Bin Hamed and its construction was done in 1892. Inside here you would get complete introduction of the area, both present and past.

The Swahili House Museum

A walk through this special museum provides one a glimpse of the traditional setup of a Swahili home, with its well-planned bath, bedroom, living areas and kitchen; period furniture has been used all through the room and offer its museum authentic character.

Cheap flights from Malindi to Lamu FAQs

What is the excellent time to book Malindi to Lamu flights?

Generally the best Malindi to Lamu flight time is 2 months in advance. And the cheap days to fly are Wednesday, Tuesday, and Saturdays. Sunday is the most costly.

How many Malindi to Lamu direct flights?

There are twenty-three direct flights from Malindi to Lamu.

Which airlines brands offer cheap flights from Malindi to Lamu?

These airline brands offer cheap flights from Malindi to Lamu - Skyward Express, Fly540, Wings of Alaska, Dac Aviation, East African Safari Air, and Wings of Alaska.

What is the name of the airport in Malindi?

The name of the initial airport in Malindi is Malindi Airport.

What is the duration of non-stop cheapest flights Malindi to Lamu? 

Duration of a non-stop flight between Lamu and Malindi is around 0h 20min.

Cheap flights from Malindi to Lamu tips

The quickest flight time for Malindi to Lamu direct flight is twenty minutes. The average flight time is twenty-two minutes.

The earliest flight of the day departs at 10:30. The final flight of the day departs at 15:10.