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There are lots of must-view attractions in Dubai, with the city being home to many wonderful places and amazing hub for visitors to reach from across the planet. Here are some of the best attractions of Dubai:

SEGA Republic

Adventure lovers can never fall short of choices when in Dubai. SEGA Republic is an indoor theme park and has big range of activities for adventure buffs and lots of other fun for the not-so-adventurous. Outrun 2 Special Tours SDX, Sonic Hopper, SEGA UFO Catcher, Whopper Water, and Wild Jungle provide moments of fun to every person in the family. On the other hand, Initial D4 limited, Spin Gear, After Burner Climax, Storm-G, and Halfpipe Canyon.

Dubai Desert

With its goal to save the biodiversity of the Arabian deserts,  the Dubai Desert Conservation Centre is a natural habitat for the beauty of the region. Further, it also has amazing migratory birds visiting it during different times of the year. Get up close and personal with the falcons and enjoy camel treks, archery, horse riding, and sandboarding among other activities that the Conservation Centre offers.

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary 

Very famous for the big number of migratory birds that come here, Ras Al Khor is a charming nature reserve and wetland in Dubai. Pink flamingos are the best part of any visit to this sanctuary in winters.

Cheap flights from Mauritius to Dubai FAQs

What is the excellent time to book cheap flights from Mauritius to Dubai?

Generally the best Mauritius to Dubai flight time is 2 months in advance. And the cheap day to fly are Wednesday, Tuesday, and Saturday. Sunday is the most costly.

How far is Dubai from Mauritius?

The distance of Mauritius to Dubai is 5,081 kilometers.

How long is the cheapest flights Mauritius to Dubai?

The average Mauritius to Dubai flight time is six hours and thirty-five minutes.

How common are Mauritius to Dubai direct flights?

There are fifteen Mauritius to Dubai direct flights.

What are the most famous Mauritius airlines for Mauritius to Dubai direct flights?

Emirates provides hundred-percent of the non-stop flights between Dubai and Mauritius.

How many airlines operate between Mauritius and Dubai?

There are two airlines who fly Mauritius to Dubai direct.

How many cheap flights from Mauritius to Dubai fly every week?

There are fifteen flights per week flying from Mauritius to Dubai.

How many airports are there in Dubai?

There are two airports in Dubai: Dubai Creek SPB and Dubai.