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Here are some of the best attractions of Lamu Island

Shela Beach

One of the big attractions of Lamu Island is the Shela Beach. The place of the beach alone is a inviting spec; just a mile walk from the busy Lamu town where admiring surrounds and getting the locals hot smiles feel just right. Shela Beach is a wonderful delight where white sands, clear water, finely broken sea shells and local vendors selling homemade samoasas collectively highlight the gateway.

Narrow streets of Lamu Town

Dating back to the twelve century, Lamu Town is the oldest inhabited Swahili town in Kenya, comparable only to Zanzibar Tanzania.
With its very old fort, its wood carved doors, amazing markets and the ubiquitous donkeys the town is authentic and wonderful – no wonder UNESCO recognized it as a World Heritage place.

Manda Island

Just across the channel from Shela, the mostly uninhabited Manda Island offers the top spots for watching the charming African Sun setting behind the Lamu Island.

Cheap flights from Mombasa to Lamu Island FAQs

What is the excellent time to book airline ticket from Mombasa to Lamu Island?

Generally the best airline ticket from Mombasa to Lamu Island flight time to book is 2 months in advance. And the cheap days to fly are Wednesday, Tuesday, and Sundays. Sunday is the most costly.

How many direct Mombasa to Lamu Island flights?

There are one direct flight from Mombasa to Lamu.

What is the most famous airline for non-stop cheap flights Mombasa to Lamu?

Seaport Airline, Hahn Air system offers non-stop flights between Lamu and Mombasa.

What is the flight time for Mombasa to Lamu?

0h 30min is the average Mombasa to Lamu flight time.

How many flights operate between Mombassa and Lamu?

There are 20 flights per week from Mombasa to Lamu.

Mombasa to Lamu Island flights tips

• The quickest flight time for direct Mombasa to Lamu flights is forty-five minutes. The average flight time is forty-five minutes.

• The earliest flight of the day departs 10:15. The final flight of the day departs at 11:15.

• Price depend on the month of departure. We suggest you to book the first and business class cheap flights from Mombasa to Lamu in advance. Do not put the buy of economy class tickets on the back burner. Buy your tickets 2-4 months in advance.