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If you are planning to explore Lilongwe, the Malawi capital city, and you have not yet made up your mind  what to do and where to go, use this handy guide to explore the best of the capital city of the hot heart of Africa.

Lilongwe Craft Market

Old Town is one of the locations in Lilongwe that is mostly visited by visitors because of the craft market by the post office. The market is a hive of activity where carvers and vendors sells charming wood carvings, jewellery, woven products, African clothes and print bags, and traditional Malwaian chairs. This is where visitors buy souvenirs and artefacts that depict the culture and history of the people of Malawi.

Kamuzu Mausoleum

One of the specs that makes Lilongwe a remarkable place to visit is the marble and grantie Kamuzu Mausoleum placed near to the parliament building.  Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda was the founding father of country present who governed from 1961 to 1944. Visitors who desire to learn about the country's founding father, deemed Lion, have the chance to access information through the research center and library at the mausoleum.

Parliament Building

It is one of the many visitors attractions in the capital city of Malawi and can be the center stage of any visitors holiday plan.

Cheap flights from Nairobi to Lilongwe FAQs

How far is Lilongwe from Nairobi?

The distance  of Nairobi to Lilongwe flights is 1,427 kilometers.

What is the from Nairobi to Lilongwe flight time?

The average Nairobi to Lilongwe flight time is two hours and twelve minutes.

How common are Nairobi to Lilongwe direct flights?

There are seventeen direct flights from Nairobi to Lilongwe.

• Morning - seventy-one percent of flight departures

• Evening - twenty-nine percent of flight departures

What are the most famous Nairobi airlines for cheap flights from Nairobi to Lilongwe?

Kenya Airways provides 58 percent of the nonstop flights between Lilongwe and Nairobi.

How many airlines fly Nairobi to Lilongwe direct?

There are four airlines who fly Lilongwe flights from Nairobi.

What are the most preferred airlines for cheap flights from Nairobi to Lilongwe?

Air France, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, Klm Royal Dutch are the most preferred airlines on Nairobi to Lilongwe route.

Cheap flights from Nairobi to Lilongwe tips

• Nairobi is 890 miles from Lilongwe

• There are eleven weekly flights from Nairobi to Lilongwe.

• Seven non-stop flights are operating from Nairobi to Lilongwe.

• KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has the most nonstop Nairobi to Lilongwe flights cheap.

• Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - Bole is the most famous link for one stop Nairobi to Lilongwe flights cheap.