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Lamu is a little town placed on Lamu island in Kenya. The town is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage place as the oldest Swahili Settlement in East Africa. Here are some of the best attractions of the Lamu:

Lamu Fort
The Fort is a famous visitor attraction and a World Heritage place, placed in Lamu town. It was built between 1813 and 1820, a 2 story building with wonderful Swahili architecture. 

Donkey Sanctuary
Donkey Sanctuary is a facility that offers treatment for all donkeys in Lamu. Since there is no automatic transportation, the only means of transportation is the donkeys. There are about two-thousand to three-thousand donkeys on the island. The Donkey Sanctuary offers the donkey with treatment free of charge.

Riyadha Mosque
The mosque is the hub for Maulidi Festival which is held to celebrate the Prophet Mohammed birth. The festival takes place every year and attracts pilgrims from other towns and cities in East Africa to celebrate with Lamu people. During this festival, lots of amazing activities take place such as singing, dancing, donkey racing, and local exhibitions.

Lamu Museum
The Museum is big Swahili building established in illustrate the Lamus culture and history.

Nairobi Wilson Lamu flights FAQs

What is the flight time between Nairobi Wilson and Lamu?

1h 10min is the average Nairobi Wilson to Lamu flight time.

How many airlines offer Nairobi Wilson to Lamu direct flights?

There are three airlines who fly Nairobi Wilson to Lamu direct.

How many cheap Lamu to Nairobi Wilson flights fly per week?

There are twenty-two flights per week flying from Nairobi Wilson to Lamu.

Which are the most famous airlines for Nairobi Wilson to Lamu flights cheap?

There are regular Nairobi Wilson to Lamu cheap flights direct from Safarilink, Skyward Express and Air Kenya Express.

What is the excellent time to book Nairobi Wilson to Lamu?

Generally the best Nairobi Wilson to Lamu flight time to book is 2 months in advance. And the cheap days to fly are Wednesday, Tuesdays, and Saturdays. Sunday is the most costly.

Cheapest flights Nairobi Wilson to Lamu tips

• The average flying distance from Nairobi Wilson to Lamu is equal to 274 miles and will take you around 1h 20 from the airport to airport.

• One non-stop flights are operating from Nairobi Wilson to Lamu.

• Safarilink has the most nonstop flights between Lamu and Nairobi Wilson.

• Malindi, Kenya - Malindi is the most famous link for one stop flights between Lamu and Nairobi Wilson.