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Key among the Agadir attractions is forever going to be the beach. You will find that many European are enjoying the white sands and seemingly never-ending sun that has made it such a best place. 

It has a top-class marina as well, and this is one of the Agadir attractions for the many boating and sailors lovers of the world. 

The beach area of Agadir is lined with remarkable cafes serving a big range of cuisines. You can simply spend days sampling the tasty dishes and spending time in a relax sun chair.

When you are done enjoying the beach, you can then discover most of the city on foot. The walls and gate are amazing when seen in person, and should most definitely be your must-view list of Agadir tourist attractions.

If you would rather stick to the new age, as the City Center is also a best rated attraction. With some latest monuments. It is a wonderful place to stroll and enjoy the best architecture.

Among the different visitor attractions in Agadir set in the city center are the Amazighe Museum, which is a Berber museum that is generally rated as a really stunning experience. Visitors view local artists as well as the contents of the heritage collection too.

Cheap flights from Rabat to Agadir FAQs

What is the Rabat to Agadir flight time?

1h 5min is the average Rabat to Agadir flight time.

How many airlines fly cheap flights from Rabat to Agadir direct?

There is 1 airline that flies Rabat to Agadir direct.

How many Rabat to Agadir flights on average per week fly?

There are four flights per week flying from Rabat to Agadir.

How many airports are there in Agadir?

There is 1 airport in Agadir: Agadir Almassira Airport.

What is the flight distance between Rabat and Agadir?

The Rabat to Agadir flights distance 471km.

Cheap flights from Rabat to Agadir tips

• Rabat, Morocco is 302 miles from Agadir.

• There are four weekly flights from Rabat to Agadir.

• One non-stop flights are operating from Rabat to Agadir.

• Air Arabia Maroc has the most nonstop cheapest flights Rabat to Agadir.

• Paris, France, Orly Field is the most famous link for one stop cheap flights from Rabat to Agadir.

• Agadir Almassira Airport is the nearest big airport to Agadir.

• The quickest flight time for direct flights from Rabat to Agadir is one hour five minutes. The average flight time is one hour five minutes.

• The earliest flight of the day departs at 07:50. The final flight of the day departs at 13:00.