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Find great deals on cheap flights from Tanga to Pemba Island. Pemba Island, called as the "Green island" in Arabic, is an Island forming part of the Zanzibar archipelago. You can visit Pemba Island through great offers on flight tickets from Tanga to Pemba Island with best price and fly Tanga to Pemba Island flights cheap.

In very old times, Pemba was known by Arab sailors as El Huthera, meaning the Green, on account of her lush and dense vegetation. There are more natural plantations and forests than on Zanzibar Island, and Pemba grows more cloves than her bigger sister.

Pemba Island was captured by the Sultan of Muscat in the 17th century. He was so charmed by the Spice Island that he installed himself in Zanzibar and ruled Muscat from there. When the Western Colonial countries came to East Africa the British forced the divide of Zanzibar and Muscat then ruled the Spice Islands in the name of Sultan.

Pemba provides today's visitor a number of attractions adding top-class scuba diving, wonderful beaches, and a number of historical places. Ngezi Forest Reserve is a wonderful location to visit, here you can see lots of animals and other species.

With a population of just 300,000, traveling in Pemba is like traveling in unknown area. In the countryside, villagers are eager to discuss to passers-by. In town, markets stallholders call you over and sit you down to try their special fruits, laughing hysterically at your reaction.

Cheap flights from Tanga to Pemba Island FAQs

What is the excellent time to fly Tanga to Pemba Island?

Generally the best Tanga to Pemba Island flight time is 2 months in advance. And the cheap days to fly are Wednesday, Tuesday, and Saturdays. Sunday is the most costly.

How many cheapest flights Tanga to Pemba Island?

There are one direct Tanga to Pemba Island flights.

What is the most famous airline for non-stop cheap flights from Tanga to Pemba Island?

Auric Air and Coastal Aviation offer nonstop cheap flights from Tanga to Pemba Island.

What is the distance between Tanga and Pemba Island?

The flight distance between Tanga to Pemba Island is 75km.

What is the Tanga to Pemba Island flights time?

The quickest flight time for direct flights from Tanga to pemba is twenty minutes. The average flight time is twenty minutes.

Cheap flights from Tanga to Pemba Island Tips

• The most famous airline for Tanga to Pemba Island cheap flights is Auric Air.

• The earliest flight of the day departs at 9:50. The final flight of the day departs at 15:50.

• There are 1 airlines that offer cheap flights from Tanga to Pemba Island direct.